The winter fashion reboot 2023 – Luxebook

The winter fashion reboot 2023 – Luxebook

Residence Fashion Winter fashion restart for 2023
Photo courtesy: Emily in Paris

Arushi Sakhuja
Fall/Winter fashion has a special place in the hearts of many given the experimental nature of layering. The best thing about winter fashion is the addition of versatile accessories, from mufflers and snoods to boots, caps, gloves, earmuffs and more. But winter clothing isn’t complete without a few trendy trench coats, sweaters and puffer jackets. Below, we’ve created a list of the best fashion basics to upgrade your winter wardrobe.
Photo courtesy: Saks Fifth Avenue
Knitting is the easiest way to stay warm. From oversized sweaters to cardigans and turtlenecks, nothing says winter quite like this timeless trend. For the perfect blend of style and comfort, opt for a Fair Isle jumper or chunky cable knit jumper. You can even up the style quotient with a knit dress, thigh high boots and stockings. But what more? Skirts that are a fashion favorite right now can also help you create a phenomenal ensemble look. Winter and sweaters go hand in hand. Take your cold weather wardrobe to a whole new level with a tailored outfit cardigan.
trench coats
trench coat
Photo courtesy: Harrods
trench coat
Courtesy of Harrods
Looking to move away from deep, black hues this season? Then all you need is brightly colored trench coats. Being the perfect antidote to depressing winter days, you can experiment with layering or color blocking for a unique look. However, if you are looking for something more flamboyant you can even opt for prints or embellishments. Pair trench coats with tailored or bootleg pants and ankle boots for a formal look.
Photo courtesy: Harrods
What does winter say without saying winter? The fashion must-have par excellence: boots! While boots have been a mainstay for decades, every year sees a revamped version of age-old classics. From color iterations to print and length upgrades. In 2023, skinny heel boots will be the most popular shoe on everyone’s feet, with high boots and embellished boots.
curly scarf
Photo Courtesy: Retro Party
The best way to stay warm? Snuggle up with your snood and scarf. A contemporary version of the scarf is found not only in outerwear but also in the form of blanket skirts and scarves. But if you want to go the conventional route, the trend you should be looking at should be big scarves. To stay warm, opt for a fleece or wool scarf and if it’s just for a fashion statement, choose a printed one that will work like the status quo, designers are also experimenting with chunky and oversized fabrications like blends of soft wool to create curly scarves.
Photo courtesy: Emily in Paris
Caps are back in style, and the SS 2023 show saw the return of bucket hats. While a solid choice for summer, winter calls for more functional options. From the classic beret that was made famous by TV shows like Emily In Paris and Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl; to beanies, caps add an effortlessly cool touch to any look. Both timeless and seasonally chic, the beret should be an essential part of any fashion lover’s wardrobe.
winter fashion
Photo courtesy: Alberta Ferretti
winter fashion
Photo courtesy: Coperni
Whether leather or simply knitted, gloves are more than accessories, but must-haves. Pushing cold hands into coat pockets may seem fine for a quick step, but in the long run, frostbite is inevitable. For this season, several designers presented colorful mid-length leather gloves. A standout included a pair of Alberta Ferretti in deep blue, with stitch detailing and wide faux fur trim. Another key style is Coperni’s knit gloves.
Fake fur
winter fashion
Photo courtesy: Saks Fifth Avenue
Looking for a luxury formal wear option? larger than life fake fur Coats are the coolest and possibly the most fabulous way to bundle up this season. Put one on anything and call it a winter’s day.
down jackets
Quilted jacket
Photo courtesy: Saks Fifth Avenue
The sporty down jacket now has an elegant relative: the quilted coat. Insulated and warm like a down jacket, the down jacket is a softer, less technical take on winter style, but offers an equally warm option.
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