Someone turned off gravity for the Viktor & Rolf show at Paris Fashion Week. On January 25, the fashion house presented its Spring 2023 couture collection, described as “a parade of dreamlike yet surreal constructs.” The line, called “Late Stage Capitalism Waltz,” featured floaty dresses and dramatic ballgowns that were upside down and upside down.

A model, sporting a bouffant-style ponytail, paraded in a structural corset attached to a cream and honey dress draped horizontally across the bodice. The particular design created the illusion that the dress defied gravity.

The rest of the collection was equally fascinating. A model strutted past amazed onlookers with her body piercing the skirt of a lavender ballgown. At first glance, it looked like the dress had been digitally rotated 90 degrees to her body. The final visual effect was a collage-like copy-and-paste moment come to life. Another model braved the scene in an entirely upside-down ensemble. Cinderella’s blue skirt completely covered her face as she walked.

The show’s abstract sense of surrealism combined haute couture with the avant-garde. Additional outfits in the collection were equally whimsical: a shimmering silver corset over a tiered skirt, watercolor ball gowns, and a gown that seemed to walk alongside the wearer, taking on a life of its own.

Will shoppers have to step out with tulle over their faces and corsets around their knees? Probably not, but optical illusion dresses will stick in our minds as we look back this season. Coming soon, enjoy Viktor & Rolf’s stunning fashion show from home.

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