I am in the process of giving up my green card, which I have had since 2012. I have been living outside the United States since mid-2020. However, I came back a few weeks last year and renewed the card while I was there. – a waste of money now!
Some relevant details
I continued to file US and FBAR tax returns (until 2021, filed in 2022)
I am a tax resident in a country with a tax treaty since mid-2021
I am not a covered expat, I am well below the levels

I had a consultation with a tax lawyer for advice on my position and my statements, but there are some things I don’t understand after going through my notes.

Since I’m in a tax treaty country and wasn’t in the US at all in 2021, he suggested I quit as of 1/1/22. By what date should I submit my application?
I read on a website

If you were a dual resident of the United States and a country with which the United States has a tax treaty, the date you began to be treated as a resident of that country under the treaty does not has not waived the benefits of the treaty, and notified the Secretary of the commencement of such treatment. See Regulations section 301.7701(b)7 for more information on related filing requirements.

Is this Form 8833? Is it a problem that I didn’t file my 2021 return with this form? Or do I just have to do it with my NR 2022 declaration?

This same site says If you are a US citizen or long-term resident, you must file Form 8854 within the year of your expatriation. Should I have filed it by the end of 2022? Can I still file it now?

I also noticed on my 2018 Form 8938 that I had a discrepancy with my FBAR (I missed an account with a small balance on the FBAR). Is this likely to be a problem if I declare that I have complied with my tax obligations?

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