If there’s anything that can make a celebrity even more famous, it’s a catchphrase their fans will remember. Celebrity slogans are like the equivalent of jingles – a little treat that helps consumers want to buy products even when they’re not inundated with ads begging them. Even if fans – in the rarest of cases – forget a prominent celebrity’s names, their signature saying can be a compass that reminds them to remember.

Many slogans were invented by celebrities, but some of them fade over time or wear out due to overuse. The best slogans are those that are completely out of left field, almost by chance in their creation. Here are some celebrities who have proven to be unforgettable thanks to their iconic catchphrases.


8 Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson: ‘Can you smell what the rock is cooking?!’

Dwayne Johnson was made epically famous by his professional wrestling career long before he started playing professionally. Johnson was known for his catchphrase “Do/If you smell what The Rock is cooking?!” in his heyday in the WWF (now WWE).

The origin of the slogan comes from Johnson’s football days when he was attending the University of Miami, where he heard a different variation of it. Months into his WWE career, he recycled the phrase backstage, and it was a hit, prompting him to officially coin the phrase.

7 Matthew McConaughey: “Okay, okay, okay!”

Actor Matthew McConaughey’s catchphrase “Okay, okay, okay” was first coined when the actor played David Wooderson in the 1993 film Dazed and confused. Fans have long enjoyed hearing the actor say the catchphrase with his signature Texas drawl ever since. In an interview on George Stroumboulopoulos tonight The actor recalled listening to a live The Doors album and hearing Jim Morrison say “Allright, ok, ok, ok” between two of the songs.

As McConaughey prepared to shoot the scene, he wondered what the character he was playing was about, deciding that Wooderson was about his car, rock-n-roll, getting high, and girls. As the countdown to filming the scene began, McConaughey realized the character was in a car, listening to rock-n-roll and getting high. The moment the director yelled “action,” the only thing missing from the series of things he listed was the girl. The actor adopted “Okay, okay, okay” to symbolize the three out of four things that were present before filming began.

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6 Keke Palmer: “The gag is…”

Actress Keke Palmer took her comedic chops on Snapchat, introducing a phrase she coined as “the gag”. In an effort to engage with her fans (whom she calls “the kids”) in a more illustrative way, the actress inspired the #ThatsTheGag trend, in which she and her fans incorporated the phrase into different storylines.

The actress stoppedLate Night with Seth Meyers to share the backstory of his catchphrase, clarifying that “gag is” is a phrase added after saying something untoward in order to clarify or reintegrate as the winner of the situation. The actress gave Seth an example, saying, “Earlier I was like, ‘I texted my ex-boyfriend a hundred texts and he didn’t respond,'” Palmer said. the gag is that he still loves me!”

5 Rolling Ray: ‘Purr’

Although Rolling Ray isn’t “technically” considered a celebrity by some, the social media personality turned reality TV personality rose to prominence on TikTok as the originator of the “purr” catchphrase. The slogan has become so popular on social media that the hashtag #purr has over 143 million views on TikTok.

The phrase is said to be an ode to cats who, when satisfied with something, purr to show their gratitude. Rolling Ray used the phrase to communicate the same feeling that when he feels excitement about something – or wants to express approval on an issue – the catchphrase “purr” is the go-to term for the influencer.

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4 Wendy Williams: “How are you”

Wendy Williams Leaves View 2019
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Wendy Williams took three simple words people use daily to inquire about someone else’s well-being and turned them into a catchphrase to associate exclusively with herself. The words are often spoken in his typical Jersey dialect, with a slightly muted and accented tone. Williams was known to recognize her guests and viewers with the tagline when her TV show was on the air.

The origins of the catchphrase date back to her on-air days during a stint on a Philadelphia radio morning show, where Williams interacted with a gay character named Shantay whom she said no one else wanted to interact with. . She told Bet.com’s Clay Cane: “So now it’s become my official tagline for the show, because what I’ve discovered over the years, since starting ‘How’s It Going’, it’s is that it makes everyone laugh and smile, and it breaks in the bedroom.”

3 Drake: “YOLO”

Drake Hotline Bling Music Video
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Although the creation of the slogan/acronym “YOLO” has been said to date back to long before rapper Drake hit the scene, it has been exclusively associated with him since he first used the term in 2011. The acronym, meaning “You Only Live Once” was reintroduced by Drake on his second studio album Take care of you on the song “The Motto”.

Fans have since adopted the phrase to commemorate the times when they participate in reckless behavior and need an excuse to do so. The tagline became an ode to Drakes’ lyrics in “The Motto”: “You only live once, that’s the motto…”

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2 DJ Khaled: “Another”

DJ Khalid

DJ Khaled’s catchphrase is as simple as it gets to be “Another One”. But it’s Khaled’s bravado covering the words that has made it one of the most iconic slogans since he made it popular. The origin of the slogan dates back to May 12, 2015 when DJ Khaled posted a music video for his track “How Many Times” on his YouTube channel.

In the clip, Khaled walks up to a group of women and gestures to one in particular to give her a kiss. After the woman does, he asks for another kiss with the catchphrase “Another One” and repeats it three more times. Over the next eight months, the music video gained over 30 million views and subsequently made the tagline legendary.

1 Paris Hilton: “It’s hot”

Paris Hilton became known for the slogan T’hat’s Hot” in the early 2000s. The phrase was originally coined by her sister Nicky Hilton before Paris made it her own. The socialite opened up to vogue in 2019 about the process saying, “‘It’s hot’ is something my sister, [Nicky Hilton Rothschild], actually always used to mean… But I trademarked it and I own it. Sorry, Nicki.

The catchphrase was used the most on his show in the mid-2000s with Nicole Richie, simple life. The duo would say the catchphrase to almost anything for the duration of the show.

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