Celebrities throw the most outrageous parties when celebrating any life event.

From the concert stage mimicking the Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus to model Kate Moss’ $100,000 birthday party to Paris Hilton’s $75,000 five-day party for her 21st birthday, the Hollywood’s elite know how to party in style. For starters, Jay-Z and Beyonce spent $95,000 on just white and pink decorations for daughter Blue Ivy’s first birthday. Meanwhile, Matt Damon rented out the entire Sugar Beach resort for his vow renewal ceremony with his wife, Luciana. Meanwhile, Kanye spent millions on an NBA-themed birthday party. Let’s take a look at the most expensive parties hosted by Hollywood stars.

Rihanna hosted a bachelorette party for her best friend, Katy Perry, shortly after her divorce at Soho House in 2013. The girls treated each other to 24-karat gold leaf manicures for around $1,861.


8 Paris Hilton – The Red Sail ($350,000)

The Hilton heiress is known for partying and drinking harder. In 2010, she treated her friends and her sister Nicky to a round-the-clock blowout at the La Voile Rouge party. According to Daily Star, Paris racked up $350,000 for spilling ten six-liter bottles of Armand de Brignac onto the dance floor at a party. His friends soaked up the champagne spit on the dance floor all night long.

7 Cardi B’s Build-A-Bear Party ($400,000)

The glamorous rapper threw a $400,000 birthday party for her one-year-old daughter Kulture in 2019. Build-A-Bear theme the event came with an exclusive bespoke decor. Cardi B also gifted her daughter a $100,000 Elaintte chain and wrote an emotional song to celebrate the special occasion. Additionally, the mother-daughter duo wore matching designer outfits by Jeremy Scott.

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6 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Winter Wonderland Christmas Party ($1.3 million)

2018 was a memorable Christmas for the Kardashian clan and the Yeezy founder before their horrific divorce rocked the world. According to Shethe Skims founder decorated his stunning $60 million Hidden Hills home with snow for the winter wonderland Christmas. The entire White Winter Magical Evening cost around $1.3 million. The three-acre property was worth $350,000 in snowbags for the decor, and there were also large snow-capped mountains costing $15,000 for guests to enjoy sleigh rides. Pristine white tents with dance floors costing up to $50,000 each, Christmas props and furnishings costing $30,000 and an exclusive John Legend concert, an estimated $500,000 worth of entertainment for the list of A-list guests. Famous elite participants include Jennifer Lopez, A-Rod, Paris Hilton and John Legend.

5 Model Naomi Campbell’s 36th birthday party ($1.8 million)

Naomi’s millionaire boyfriend Badr Jafar threw a glamorous three-day birthday party at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai in 2006. According to Stylecaster, all of the $1,200-a-night suites on 18 floors were rented for the event. The 72 hour party was divided into three different themes per night, all white on the first, hip hop on the second and Brazilian salsa on the third. DJ Cassidy entertained star-studded guests throughout, and Campbell ferried 90 of her close model friends to the Big Island. Distinguished guests included former United States President Barack Obama, the Beckhams, Anna Wintour, Jay-Z, Stefano Gabbana and other celebrities. Decadent Arabic, European and Far Eastern Asian cuisines were on the evening menu. It costs about $600,000 a day, for a total of $1.8 million.

4 Simon Cowell’s 400-guest birthday party ($3 million)

Imagine starting out as a mailroom intern and throwing a $3 million birthday party years later. The media mogul and reality star spent lavishly on his 50th birthday in 2009 and invited more than 400 guests to an elite 2,000-acre estate in Hertfordshire, England. Guests were escorted in private limos to the venue. Models Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell were invited, as were Gordon Ramsey, Kevin Spacey, Paula Abdul, Olivia Newton-John and many more.

3 Diddy’s Million-Dollar-Bash at the Plaza Hotel ($3 Million)

Rapper P. Diddy is known for his legendary white themed parties. In 2009, on his 40th birthday, he hosted a black tie event at the Plaza Hotel for an estimated $3 million. The decor cost around $18,000 for elegant white orchids, ballerina shoes served guests while floating, a black and white cake bore her initials, and 500 guests were invited for the exclusive event. Guests included Kim Kardashian, Jay-Z and many other A-listers; they were invited to a private Al Green concert.

2 Leonardo DiCaprio’s Lavish 38th Birthday Party ($4 Million)

The blue-eyed boy from Hollywood is known as one of the highest paid actors in the entertainment industry. Her 38th birthday was celebrated extravagantly at the Darby in 2012. Beyonce and Jay-Z, Cameron Diaz and Emma Watson were among the distinguished guests. He alone spent $3 million on Armand de Briganc champagne, considered one of the most expensive drinks in the world. The estimated total cost of the lavish party was $4 million.

1 Kylie Jenner’s Italian getaway ($250 million)

The 2019 billionaire beauty mogul spent her 22nd birthday on a rented $250 million luxury yacht – Tranquility. According to Harper’s Bazaar, the mega yacht is the size of a football field. It has a helipad, swimming pool, beauty salon, beach club, Turkish bath and outdoor bath. It can easily accommodate 22 guests with 29 crew members for VIP treatment, and the mega interior is adorned with marble, wood and bamboo. The party reached the Mediterranean Sea towards Italy, and the cost per day was estimated at $1,249,500 per week.

Money is never a disadvantage for celebrities who want to enjoy the pleasures of everyday life. Every party ever thrown just outsells the next one in the land of Hollywood’s elite.

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