Each year, as a new semester approaches, many Boston College students arrive on campus with newly purchased clothing and accessories, ready to show off their new outfits.

This year was no different, and students across British Columbia braved the cold Northeast weather by blending elements of warmth and protection with today’s online trends into their outfits, creating the perfect combination of comfort and style. Here are five of the biggest fashion trends to watch throughout the spring semester.

Earmuffs and AirPods Max

Although the beanie is a must-have that has warmed the heads of many students during snowy winters, I have found that more and more students are swapping their beanie for protection that focuses only on the ears. Earmuffs seem to have made a comeback in women’s headgear. They serve as a hair-safe alternative to fleece hats which often provide warmth at the expense of static-induced frizz.

In a similar vein, many BC students have returned to campus with the latest edition of Apple AirPods, reverting to the original style of large headband headphones that were revered in the late 2000s and early 1900s. 2010. Although at the more expensive end – prices start at $549 – the new AirPods Max offer a new level of comfort, functionality and style, allowing students in British Columbia to blast n’ anything from Ice Spice to Bad Bunny as they ice walk from Linden Lane to Lower.

Neutrals on crewnecks and cable-knit sweaters

One trend that seems to have survived into the new year is the old silver aesthetic. In the era of the Gossip Girl (rest in peace) revival, dressing in classic, understated styles is gaining popularity across the country as teens and young adults try to emulate the style of the elite. from the northeast.

Lately, passers-by on campus might find students dressed in Nike crew-necks and cable-knit sweaters. Popularly worn in cool tones, such as light grey, navy blue and beige, this quintessential look is further enhanced with a turtleneck or button down collar underneath for an added touch of preppiness.

Leather & Fur

It seems like everywhere you go lately, you can’t escape leather, fake or real. From classic lace-up Dr. Martens to brown leather puffer jackets, leather has made its way into virtually everyone’s wardrobe, whether you realize it or not.

Similarly, fur covers the winter coats of many students, regardless of brand. Whether it’s Canada Goose, Zara or Macy’s, long black fur-lined hooded parkas seem to have become a must-have on campus.

Flared jeans and leggings

Flare pants have spread across the country to replace the long-loved skinny jeans as ’70s trends continue to thrive in 2023. Though mom and boyfriend jeans remain alive and well in the college fashion world, flared pants add a vintage touch to even the most basic outfits, and that’s what I’m here for.

Leggings and tights

True to the resurgence of vintage clothing, the revival of leggings is in full swing in 2023. Once considered an embarrassing relic from our parents’ teenage years, leggings have made a comeback in modern fashion as teen and young adult designers have perfected in what is called “ballet-core”.

Ballet-core, a style idealizing the poised yet relaxed nature of typical ballerina rehearsal outfits, reintroduced tights and leggings into everyday women’s wear. Often paired with a mini skirt, the leggings and tights combo has found its way into the closets of ballet lovers and those who want to style them their own way. This is a trend to watch in the coming months.

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