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In fashion’s volatile attention economy, reliable metrics are rare. From Instagram and TikTok to New York Times, QG and beyond, what unfolds at each season’s menswear shows permeates the world via a myriad of media, as it should.

Fashion Show stands out: its audience figures provide an unrivaled barometer as to which collections have most captured the imaginations (and purchasing budgets) of those in the industry and beyond. And because Track focuses primarily on clothing and not on “frow,” these numbers are much less likely to be skewed by the media-enhancing steroid of celebrity attendance than any other comparable index.

It’s quite a fanfare to report that the latest menswear figures for the Fall/Winter 2023/24 shows are out. The list is revealed below, in descending order, so no spoilers here. What is remarkable from the top is that five houses have disappeared from the list. Hermès, Fendi and Kenzo have lost their places this season while two others very popular last June – Céline and Y/Project – did not show up this season. The other detail to note is that six of the collections on the list have been exhibited in Paris and three in Milan. The other, exceptionally, came from a lookbook. Read on for the top 10 men’s fashions.

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