The world had to wait about ten months to know the name of Travis Scott and Kylie Jennerthe son of after the couple decided to change him from Wolf Webster to Webster Area.

As with everything the Kardashian/Jenner family does, the moniker has raised some eyebrows, and while the 11-month-old’s name has more than one meaning, it translates to “Lion of God,” which makes us believe that might be why the beauty mogul recently attended Schiaparelli’s couture show in Paris wearing a strapless black velvet gown adorned with a life-size lion’s head.

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The meaning behind Kylie Jenner’s son could be why she attended Schiaparelli’s couture show wearing a life-size lion’s head brooch

The mythological meaning of the name “Aire”

Aire is a non-binary noun which is the literal translation of air in Spanish. In Hebrew means strength, courage and fearlessness. In Irish translates to care or attention. Aire is an obsolete spelling of “air”, so, the correct way to pronounce Kylie Jenner’s son’s name in English is Air.

Aire Webster was born on a palindrome date (2.2.2022) which means he is unique! Jenner also gave birth on a Tuesday – or should we say “two days”? The date fell on the second day of the week, which made it even more special.

In numerology, the number two (2) represents the union of masculine and feminine principles, grace and power, and according to experts, brings peace and balance in relationships or situations. As reports, it also means partnerships – and for sure, Stormi has found a great companion for her little brother.

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