…and maybe shades of gray.

Reading a page of black and white daily comics, I was struck by the gray tones of today. Pink is Pink.

The amount of non-white was a nice change.

Dare I say that most daily comics in newspapers are now colorized? Thus, the cartoonists seem to have abandoned the practice of black and white ART as their comics are mostly read in color online and are rarely seen in black and white.

Here’s another part of this comics page where the Rose is Rose above appeared:

There is still gray, but where is the patch of black?

A section from 50 years ago:

There is more black in these four strips than in the combined twenty strips of today’s Times West Virginian. It saddens me to see black and white art reduced to a single line.

But the ones that use a fair amount of black ink stand out on the comics page:

Which isn’t to say that daily color comics are bad. The rose is pink:


This dark blue night against the shades of brown on the owl with the light blue shading of the snowman creates striking images. I guess Don Wimmer does his own coloring on the daily newspapers?

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