After revolutionizing animation with Batman: The Animated Series, a B:TAS creator returns to the pages of DC Comics…

Batman: The Animated Series is one of the greatest cartoons of all time, and now one of the legendary creators involved in the series returns to the pages of DC Comics. Original Series Director Kevin Altieri will be penciling and inking the second issue of Batman: The Adventures Continue Season 3which is due out in February.

A continuation of the classic anime series, Batman: The Adventures Continue is the result of B: CAS writers Alan Burnett and Paul Dini. Running for fifteen issues over two miniseries/”seasons”, this most recent season will conclude the run. In addition to Burnett and Dini, DC is bringing back Kevin Altieri for a classic cartoon creative team reunion of sorts. Kevin Altieri recently shared his cover for issue 2 via Instagram, resulting in a piece that perfectly captures the dark movie mood that made Batman: The Animated Series so indelible in the hearts and minds of fans everywhere. Check out Altieri’s amazing cover art (with colorist Monica Kubina) below:


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Cover art by Kevin Altieri for Batman: The Adventures Continue Season 3

Batman The Adventures Continue Season 3 #2 cover art by Kevin Altieri

His name may not be as well known as others B: CAS creators like Bruce Timm or Paul Dini, but Kevin Altieri is no less important for the history of the series, or animation, in general. As one of the principal directors, Altieri is responsible for twenty-two episodes of the show’s original run, including the unforgettable first episode, “On Leather Wings.” Beyond B: CASAltieri’s career as a storyboard artist and animation director also includes work on properties such as Spider Man, G.I. Joe and scooby-dooin addition to co-directing Pearl Jam’s “Do the Evolution” music video in 1998.

Beyond animation, Altieri also has a solid body of work in comics, writing and drawing issues of The demon, Gen 13 and The Adventures of Batman comics for DC in the 90s. Altieri returned to comics in 2021 when he provided the art for a ten-page story starring Paul Dini in the anthology series Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red. Considering that his next issue of Batman: The Adventures Continue Season 3 seems like another story involving Harley, this should be the perfect way to top it off B: CAS meeting.

by Kevin Altieri the latest comic book work should be an exciting treat for fans of Batman: The Animated Seriesas the artist reunites with his former collaborators in what seems to be the ultimate tribute to this unforgettable series.

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Batman: The Adventures Continue Season 3 #2 releases February 14 from DC Comics.

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