In a short time, Sydney Sweeney has really exploded in popularity. Despite her newfound fame and success, Sydney is still grounded in reality. The Euphoria star will always take roles just to make money. As she gets richer, she’ll probably get more demanding with her roles, but for now, that’s how she continues to do things.

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As she becomes more famous, she will become more different from the average person. She has previously said that her fans, and even her family, don’t understand her. This is due to her A-list status, something these groups of people don’t have in common with her. She’s still a person at the end of the day. She is unique and has her own preferences. For example, Sydney does not drink coffee, opting instead for water and candy.

Something Sydney has in common with fans is that she can be quite obsessed with certain things. Most girls her age can be pretty obsessed with various celebrities, and in that regard, she’s really no different.


9 Sydney Sweeney’s obsession with Zendaya

Sydney is downright obsessed with her A-list co-star. They’re best friends in real life and have translated that friendship to social media. Sydney even cried for Zendaya’s historic Emmy win, repeatedly admitting it.

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The duo have appeared together at red carpet events to represent Euphoria. They don’t always talk to each other, but everyone knows they love each other.

8 Everything you need to know about Sydney Sweeney’s obsession with Maude Apatow

Sydney Sweeney and Maude Apatow
Via: Sydney Sweeney on Instagram

While Sydney is close with Zendaya, her greatest friendship seems to be with fellow Euphoria co-star Maude Apatow.

Once again they post on social media and talk about each other in interviews. Sydney proclaimed to People that Maude was her run or die, and Maude responded by calling Sydney an “unstoppable force”.

To top it off, Sydney and Maude called each other “sister” on social media. That’s how you know a friendship is really serious.

7 What Sydney Sweeney said about Alexa Demie

Alexa Demie as Maddy Perez on Euphoria

Another Euphoria co-star is Alexa Demie. She plays Maddie Perez in the series. Yes, Sydney is also obsessed with her.

The two attend red carpet events together and take selfies together. More importantly, Sydney attended an Oscars after-party with Alexa, and the two were photographed having the time of their lives. In an interview with People, Sydney said Alexa “rips” as an actor.

A fun fact about their friendship is that their characters hate each other on Euphoria. The two characters fought and were even nominated for “Best Fight” at the MTV Awards. Alexa actually broke Sydney’s toe in that infamous fight.

6 Sydney Sweeney thinks a lot about Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario in a tank top outside
By Instagram

Sydney knocked it out of the park as Olivia in The White Lotus. The main star of this show is Alexandra Daddario, someone Sydney really looked up to as an actress.

At the GQ Men Of The Year event in 2022, Alexandra said Sydney was the “perfect package”. They are pictured together all the time and recently recreated a scene from The White Lotus for Instagram. These two actresses have a lot in common, like appearing in teen shows and movies. Alexandra starred in Texas Chainsaw 3D. She once claimed that the house they filmed in was definitely “haunted”.

5 Sydney Sweeney’s obsession with the Property Brothers

Drew and Jonathan Scott posed with rectangular wooden frames during the renovation
By Instagram

Sydney is expected to adore her co-stars, but she’s also completely into a pair of reality stars.

She admitted to being obsessed with the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott. For those who don’t know them, they are brothers who create and renovate houses in their personal reality TV show. Sydney admitted to “fangirling” about them when she met them at an exclusive celebrity event.

During the YouTube interview where she admitted this, she explained why she was a fan of the Property Brothers. She said she grew up renovating and remodeling homes with her parents, and now that it makes money, she does it on her own.

4 Sydney Sweeney thinks Dakota Johnson is hot…

Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson, who will co-star in the next Marvel/Sony movie
via: The Things

Another celebrity that Sydney has fangirled is Dakota Johnson. Yes, they will also be co-stars in the upcoming Madame Web movie. Before that, however, Sydney was obsessed with Dakota due to her roles in the 50 Shades of Gray films.

Sydney said in an interview with Variety that she secretly watched these films as a teenager. When she met Dakota, she was nervous and intimidated by her. Sydney even called Dakota “hot.”

3 However, Sydney Sweeney’s real childhood crush is Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog in his movie
through Paramount

However, Sydney’s real childhood crush was really Sonic the Hedgehog. She said in an interview with MTV that she fell in love with the video game character as a child, in a weird but romantic way.

Aside from a Call of Duty publicity cameo, Sydney never really seemed to care about the game in general. There’s definitely a love and obsession for an iconic furry character, though.

2 Sydney Sweeney adores Alexander McQueen

Sydney Sweeney

If you know Sydney a bit, there’s one thing she’s definitely in love with. She is 100% obsessed with fashion.

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In particular, Sydney seems to be obsessed with Alexander McQueen. Recently, Sydney showed up to an event in London dressed head to toe in an Alexander McQueen outfit. It’s not even the first time in the past year that she’s worn the luxurious fashion label to a red carpet event, as she wore an all-black Alexander McQueen suit jacket to a private event. in Los Angeles. There’s no doubt that she’s completely captivated by everything the designer has to offer.

1 Brigitte Bardot is Sydney Sweeney’s biggest fashion and beauty model

Brigitte Bardot in Dear Brigitte
via 20th century studios

Sydney admitted that while she loves and rocks many different fashion brands, her biggest influence is an icon that existed long before Sydney was born. She proclaimed it in an interview with Coveteur. In fact, Sydney said she’s looked up to Brigitte Bardot since she was around 16.

For those who don’t know, Brigitte was one of the first beauty icons of the 1960s. She influenced pop culture with her appearances in hit films such as Contemp and Don Juan. She was also a world famous model, and if you look at some of her photo shoots, you can definitely see some of the same poses and expressions that Sydney uses in her modeling photos.

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