A local hockey player turned fashion designer showcased one of his jackets on the main hockey stage in Canada last weekend.

Designer Cameron Lizotte grew up in Sudbury and played in the OHL before getting into fashion design.

Last weekend, broadcaster Ron MacLean featured one of Lizotte’s creations throughout Owen Sound’s “Hockey Day in Canada” show.

Lizotte described it as a “full loop moment”.

“I’m very honored to still have an impact on hockey,” he said.

“It’s cool that the hockey world is still wondering what I’m doing and it’s really good that the support is there. I can only hope I can make hockey more fashionable’

In 2016, Lizotte launched her own brand called Atelier Coin, based in Victoria, BC. Since then, he has been internationally recognized for his creations.

Last weekend, broadcaster Ron MacLean wore one of Cameron Lizotte’s designs on Owen Sound’s Hockey Day in Canada. (Provided)

He presented a show at Paris Fashion Week 2022, as part of a collection of emerging brands.

“It was an amazing moment,” Lizotte said.

“It looked like a hockey game with blood flowing and right after that I showed that same collection in Vancouver a month later. And then I won BC’s best emerging designer.

Now that he’s had a taste of the world stage, he said his next goal is to continue building his brand in Canada and beyond.

He said it’s important to remember where he comes from and draw inspiration from his upbringing.

“Sudbury will always give me the inspiration I need because that’s where the name comes from,” said Lizotte.

“I named my brand after the city.”

Next up for Lizotte is her first standalone show in Paris in March. And he said he hopes to look to Toronto for a location for a brick-and-mortar store in the coming months.

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