My husband and I live in China (he is Chinese) and we are in the process of applying for his UK family visa. We will meet the financial requirement with cash savings (gift from my parents, in my UK savings account), but I believe that as part of our proof of relationship we need to show that we share our finances in the everyday life.

In China, it’s difficult because we can’t have a joint bank account. For the past few years we’ve had a routine where I use my (higher) salary to pay our rent and keep the rest as savings, and he uses his (lower income) to pay for bills, food and d other daily expenses. Also, in China, invoices are addressed to the owner so they are not in our name. Would it be sufficient to include a statement explaining this situation? We could also include Chinese bank statements and screenshots of Alipay transfers between them, but these seem complicated and should be translated and explained.

We have other evidence of a relationship as we have been married and living together for ten years.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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