Pre-order the third volume of The best of the year 2000 – the best-selling historical series of cult comics, packed with our greatest stories for a new generation of readers!

Each The best of the year 2000 contains a mix of modern classics and gems from the vault. In each edition, you’ll find an explosive new Judge Dredd adventure, new essays by prominent pop culture writers, a graphic novel presentation by world legends, and a vintage Dredd case.

In this volume: spend a night on The change of cemetery with Judge Dredd; Gordon Rennie and Frazer Irving log in and drop superpowers tab before Storming the sky; and get lost in the darkness lying in the belly of the good ship Leviathan from Ian Edgeton and From Israeli.

Boasting brand new covers from a range of featured artists including Erica Henderson (Dracula, damn it!) and Declan Shalvey (moon knight) with the designer Tom Muller (x-men), The best of the year 2000 is the essential gateway to the greatest comic in the galaxy!

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