Pathaan took an initial INSANE at the box office in India and overseas. Reports of record pre-sales were already buzzing for the past few weeks and now that those sales are showing up as actual box office numbers, the results are through the roof. Among the debut acts, the Shah Rukh Khan star raked in a whopping A$600,000 on opening day in Australia. This not only takes the record for the highest opening day ever for a Bollywood film, previously held by Padmaavat A$364,000, but also took the biggest day ever in the market for a Bollywood film. , also previously owned by Padmavaat.

Shah Rukh Khan sets new record in Australia

The numbers here are helped by the Australia Day holiday on January 26, today the day before the holiday is a big day for the box office below. Australia has been a weaker market for Shah Rukh Khan in the recent past. Its best market opener was under AU$500,000, while the best complete series was only AU$1.10 million. Pathaan not only broke the weekend record for SRK in a single day, but will also break the total number of races in just two days.

In Australia, the numbers may have the help of the holidays, but elsewhere the film is posting INSANE numbers despite the midweek release. A midweek release is a significant limiting factor overseas as activity is heaviest on weekends, but Pathaan is posting record numbers on a non-holiday midweek Wednesday, whether in the Far East, in the Middle East or in the West. List of pre-sale numbers in some major markets. North America has over $800,000 in opening day presales. The actual number will comfortably reach $1 million, possibly reaching $1.25-1.40 million. Similarly in Gulf, the film had $750,000 plus pre-sales, which are also expected to exceed $1 million on opening day here. The UK, which has been a dormant market for Bollywood for a long time, also had a HUGE £150,000 plus presales, the actual first day figures will comfortably cross the £200,000 mark. To sum up, if there is a pre-sales record for Bollywood anywhere, Pathaan now holds that record.

Pathaan is heading for a day of more than 3 million dollars abroad

All of these numbers would have been very impressive for a normal Friday release, but here they come on a Wednesday. Where the actual pitch won’t be known until tomorrow and we’ll have a detailed report on that, but the first day overseas will definitely be over $3 million, with a strong possibility of even $4 million. Normally with this Wednesday you would be aiming for $17-18 million plus 5 days but these are not normal numbers so these conventional trends may not hold but even in the worst case the records open to abroad for Bollywood are grilled. We’re in uncharted territory with this movie, let’s see where it takes us.

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