The dresses became more and more curious as the show progressed.

Designers from the Netherlands Viktor & Rolf took the cake at Paris Fashion Week when their upside-down dresses were displayed during the show on Wednesday.

A clip from Vogue featured the head-scratching designs, for which the models wearing them appeared to be nothing more than vessels meant to move clothing – or rather works of art – down the runway.

While some of the fairytale-like dresses were worn right side up, many were unusually askew.

The 18 shimmering silhouettes, which are part of the brand’s haute couture spring collection, were shaped upside down, sideways and diagonally – one model even appeared to be impaled by her dress.

The juxtaposition of traditional-looking dresses in atypical presentations has rattled audiences, especially those online. Self-proclaimed style critics watched in dismay from home. Some touted the designs as awesome, while others snickered in disgust.

Model wearing a backwards dress
The traditional-looking ball gowns paired with their surprisingly atypical wearing baffled the audience at home.
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“This is crazy! This is not the fashion,” one dismayed Instagram user commented.

“I’m so sorry for these role models,” added another.

“It does the design a disservice not to see it,” someone else lamented.

“High tortured,” one user joked.

“You wear the dress, don’t let the dress wear you,” wrote one smart person.

“It’s haute couture week, not ready-to-wear,” chided another.

Model wearing side dress
Many clothes were displayed askew on the mannequins.
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Viktor and Rolf
The bizarre parade was the brainchild of Dutch fashion house Viktor & Rolf.
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“The dress that works on its own is awesome. These are all technical feats in their own right,” a lone fan applauded in front of the designers. “Now if only there was a starlet daring enough to wear one to the Oscars.”

A look at Viktor & Rolf’s previous haute couture collections, however, would tell viewers that this is a walk in the park for the Dutch fashion house, whose dresses have always seemed off the beaten track. . They designed dresses with holes in the petticoat, while others were displayed without a skirt.

Viktor and Rolf dress
Instagram users were quick to express shock and dismay.
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Viktor and Rolf show
Meanwhile, some users have championed the designs as innovative works of art.
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Defining haute couture as an “antidote to reality”, the designers see their work as a “provocative” exploration of “spectacular beauty” and “unexpected elegance”, they said.

“Haute couture is our laboratory for creative experimentation,” reads the website of the designers, who have been present at Paris fashion week for more than two decades.

Even catwalk guests showcased the quirky nature of the fashion house, with stars like Doja Cat appearing in campy outfits. The “Need to Know” singer wore false eyelashes — not just on her eyelids, but also on her eyebrows, chin and upper lip, mimicking an improvised soul patch.

The bizarre look comes just two days after she appeared at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture show covered in more than 30,000 red Swarovski crystals.

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