He is blue, he has a fin on his head, and by whistling he can control the trajectory of his sound-sensitive arrows. But that’s about all Yondu has in common with his portrayal in the MCU movies. James Gunn and Michael Rooker’s take on the character turned out to be so distinct that Marvel has since recognized them as two separate characters. Given that the original Yondu from the comics is from the 30th century, it’s not hard to imply that whoever visits Earth in the 20th might be an ancestor.

Now that Yondu will also have a Marvel Legends action figure, over 50 years after seeing the first print. A Marsupial Zatoan from Centauri IV in the 691 universe, this Yondu is a hunter who escapes the apparent extinction of his race at the hands of aliens called Badoon. Eventually, he forms the first Guardians of the Galaxy with Vance Astro, Charlie-27, and Martinex.

Yondu’s Marvel Legends figure, first revealed at io9, will sell exclusively at Target for $24.99. The figure uses older body parts and will not feature pinless joints. He will come with his bow, quiver and arrow. Expect pre-orders in the spring, and since Walgreens no longer serves as the exclusive retailer for cosmic figurines, it looks like Target will take over.

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