The application date for the Australian scholarships opens on February 1 and closes on May 1, 2023.

Interested applicants for the British Commonwealth and Chevening Scholarships can visit the website in early August and September 2023 to prepare well for the 2024 and 2025 application process which will close in early November 2023.

The Department of Personnel Management, which is the appointing agency, has issued this information to all heads of departments, provincial administrators, all heads of funded public authorities and civil servants advising them of the announcement of the offer of training abroad for 2024.

All training offers for public servants will go through the DPM for analysis and review in accordance with General Order 6 requirements against each agency’s Learning and Development (L&D) plans.

Secretary Taies Sansan said agencies that have expired or have learning and development plans should submit a request through her office for assistance in conducting a needs analysis. capacity (CAN).

Secretary Sansan said that when submitting training offers, HR managers are advised to strictly comply with the requirements, otherwise it will reduce the chances of applicants to obtain a scholarship.

“All staff training offers must be carefully reviewed by agency training committees and then approved by the head of the agency or a deputy/delegate nominee, evidenced by an official cover letter to DPM.”

Secretary Sansan added that all training offerings must be supported by the Agency’s learning and development plan and key result areas.

“The training offerings align with the PNG government’s development priorities of health, education, governance, law and justice, transport and infrastructure, and agriculture.”

“Applicants must be tenured civil servants, which means they must have served two years past the tenure date, and must have completed a minimum of two years in their chosen field and the program applied for must be progressive.”

Secretary Sansan said what is also immediately required by the DPM is a record of short and long-term and current and past personnel list of all HR agency officials.

“Once you have completed the staff training record, you will find that the information already forms the basis of your annual training assessment report which is due each March. Agencies that submitted their reports are excluded.”

“I look forward to receiving your offers of overseas training assistance before the closing dates for scholarships in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.”

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