Jörg Ehrlich and Otto Drögsler’s Odeeh show was Berlin Fashion Week’s second big comeback and the press, buyers and brand fans found themselves front row. The collection was typical of Odeeh: an eclectic mix of colors, materials and wonderful silhouettes, the details of which were revealed as guests left the venue, walking past the models lined up in a row.

Ehrlich and Drögsler drew inspiration from the early days of glamorous winter sports, the time before contemporary sportswear was invented and completely different materials were worn on the slopes. Thick wool, warming overlays and vintage patterns (from wallpaper, among others) formed the basis of the collection, which was so diverse that almost every type of clothing appeared at least once.

The biggest surprise was the couture, which aimed for the other extreme. Minimal and classic, this kind of clean evening wear is new at Odeeh, even if the intention behind the brand has been a constant since the first collection: quality and know-how. “We wanted to show that Odeeh can do more than just print. Patterns can hide, but in a suit, every seam must fit down to the millimeter. We never compromise when it comes to manufacturing.

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