In May, a new series from Mad Cave Studios will examine the power of storytelling. Monomyth is a fantastic new series from the creative team of writer David Hazanartist Cecilia Lo Valvocolorist Marissa Louiseand letter Lucas Gattoni. It follows the descendants of the world’s last magic users as they come together to face new threats – and against each other.

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This is how Mad Cave describes Monomyth:

The magic is practically extinct. When the last sick wizard casts one last desperate spell to summon the descendants of ancient bloodlines into a now decaying school of magic…these chosen ones find a horror unlike any they have ever known. They will have to confront the deepest parts of themselves, their tragic pasts, and overcome themselves to survive the ordeal.

Monomyth is the latest Mad Cave Studios series from writer David Hazan, who co-created the series Nottingham with the artist Shane Connery Volk. It’s also the latest Mad Cave work for artist Cecilia Lo Valvo, who contributed story art in 2021. Grimm’s Tales from the Cave anthology.

In a statement announcing the new series, Hazan and scholar Lucas Gattoni both expressed their excitement to bring Monomyth to the readers :

Monomyth has been a wonderful opportunity to both explore the magic of storytelling and plumb its darkest recesses…because it might just be me, but if I ever get a letter inviting me to a school of magic, I would tear it! said writer David Hazan. “And Cecilia and Marissa have done a wonderful job together exemplifying that juxtaposition between wonder and awe as our actors discover that magic is both everything and nothing they imagined. Lucas’ innovative letters only heighten the mystery and terror in a world where magic is a story.

“David is one of my favorite collaborators and an incredible up-and-coming writer, so when I was called in to work on a dark magick book with him, I didn’t have to think twice about it!” said Letterer. Lucas Gattoni. “Cecilia and Marissa kill it in the art and colors, so hopefully I can bring my A-game lettering there as well. Can’t wait for everyone to check this one out!”

Check out the variant cover for Shane Connery Volk’s first issue of the series below. Monomyth #1 is set to hit stores and digitally in May.

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