Although it was originally introduced to me as “Nightcrawler religious cops”, I don’t really know what to make of it. Legion of X. It’s a beautiful book full of fun characters, but its weird pacing and reliance on baseball terms, locations, and general sci-fi weirdness that can bog down the X-books of the post-Hickman era have made finishing the book more difficult than perhaps. should have been.

Essentially, the storyline is that Nightcrawler and his non-denominational spirit police are tasked with protecting Krakoa from a few different wells of increasingly mystical proportions. It may sound simple enough, but it’s so much more complicated than that in practice.

Legion of X #4
Plus, there’s a lot more post-coital Nightcrawler than you might think.
Marvel Comics

The biggest stumbling block isn’t really writer Si Spurrier’s fault, but rather some legacy baggage he had to bring along for the ride. This is a convoluted book, not because of bad writing, but because it’s indebted to a lot of hard-to-follow/remember lore and world-building of Arakko, mental projections of Legion and other sci-fi oddities the book sort of assumes. the reader will already be familiar with. It creates that kind of inscrutable vernacular to the book that makes a lot of sequences hard to follow.

There are also a number of ideas in play that, for one reason or another, aren’t developed enough to feel consistent across the five questions contained in this trade. Mother Righteous, for example, provides an interesting concept that isn’t central to the plot and is therefore largely underdeveloped. I know it’s in the nature of comics to bait the hook for later, but seeing Banshee transform into a Ghost Rider-like vengeful spirit for…reasons(?) feels like a missed opportunity. Cool character design though, even if it’s pretty Xorny.

Fortunately, Legion of XThe strong point of is the dialogue. Mind you, not every character shines (honestly, I feel like Blindfold got a little overlooked here), but the subplot between Juggernaut and his nephew Legion stands out as an exceptional fleshing out for both characters. It might be a bit of a trope to have the big strong guy as the most emotionally vulnerable character in an ensemble cast, but Cain’s desire to reconnect with his brother only to find stronger bonds with Charles’ estranged son really touched me. Legion’s interaction with Warlock and Nightcrawler’s relationship with unarmed Zsen are also character-driven highlights that really set the book apart from other titles on the shelf.

Legion of X
Kate was right, Professor Xavier is a jerk.
Marvel Comics

Artistically, I think Jan Bazaldua does a great job of illustrating what’s really abstract concepts, and his character designs (especially for the Banshee/Ghost Rider and Mother Righteous hybrid) are excellent. Sometimes I’m not in love with the design choices (the bedroom looks so clean and light when he’s a shaggy goth probably in his late twenties at this point lost me), but the offending cases are rare and ephemeral. Honestly though, I think perhaps the best element of the art is Federico Blee’s coloring. There is such a splendid bouquet of tones and shades that interact with Bazaldua’s pencils to create dimension and weight to the scene that, as a casual reader, I find it hard to comprehend. The combination elevates both artists, but Blee’s inks in particular stand out.

In short, If Spurrier Legion of X is a good book with great character work and top-notch coloring. It gets a little bogged down in the details of this phase of the Krakoan era, which can make casual reading a bit difficult, and it leaves a lot of plates spinning, which can be a double-edged sword as far as has to do with the old adage of “leave them wanting more”. Overall, it’s an entertaining book that shows glimpses of greatness, but faces a few too many hurdles to sustain that greatness throughout.

legion of x, marvel, x men

What ‘Legion of X’ Lacks in Coherence, It Makes Up For in Character

Legion of X

This is a very good book, although not perfect. The art is good, the colors are unique, and the dialogue pops. The plot is mired in many trappings of modern X-Men lore, but it’s still an enjoyable piece of post-Hickman mutopia.

There are a lot of great character moments in this one, especially when it comes to the relationship between Juggernaut and Legion.

The colors in this book give a whole new personality to the pages that is very unique to this book.

The book relies on understanding an alien language, geography, and pantheon to keep pace with the story. It can get a bit overwhelming.

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