KOCHI: Faced with the growing demand for nurses overseas, a hospital in the city is currently training nurses to prepare them for overseas jobs. They already have an agreement with the Belgian government to train nurses for the jobs there.
The Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences and Research at Lourdes Hospital has partnered with Overseas Development Employment Promotion Consultancy Ltd (ODEPC), a public sector company (power supply) under the department of employment and skills, and coordinates for six months the training in Dutch and nursing on the premises of the hospital in coordination with the Belgian delegates here for the selected candidates.
The PSU has been involved in the overseas domain recruitment for 40 years. Their main objective is to find low-cost employment opportunities for non qualified and semi-skilled workers in foreign countries. Around 10,000 recruitments have been made in various countries so far.
“In March 2022, the first group of 22 nurses were hired in Belgium. Thirty-seven nurses from the second group completed their training and left for Belgium on Friday. The next group will be recruited in February this year,” said a official spokesperson. of the hospital.
Selected nurses receive a monthly stipend of Rs 11,000 as well as free training in Dutch for a period of six months under the scheme.
However, the hospital does not make a direct selection and it is only through the ODEPC.

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