On Friday, Jan. 20, Kid Cudi, born Scott Ramón Seguro Mescudi, unveiled his official MOTR fashion line at Paris Fashion Week. Although the entergalactic The producer teased his collection eight years ago, he’s now fully released his unisex line to the world in a bid to make people look like they’re “walking the stage when they’re wearing this brand”.

According to vogue, the 38-year-old presented the MOTR 2023 fall/winter line — which stands for Members of the Rage — in a Paris showroom. Through Complexclothing items featured were distressed polo shirts and puffer jackets, tutu skirts, moto jackets, knitwear, shaggy coats, accessories, shoes, furry beanies, oversized sneakers and a crossbody bag inspired by the boom box.

“I want people to feel like they’re walking on stage when they wear this brand,” Cudi told the outlet. “I want them to feel the feeling I get when I play at Coachella. I want them to feel like superstars.

He added, “I kind of put my hands in the paint and just do things, just do what I think is cool and just try to follow that vision. “Is this something I would wear, my friends would wear?”

Two years ago, Cudi and many of his hip-hop and fashion peers lost close friend and collaborator Virgil Abloh, who founded Off-White and served as creative director at Louis Vuitton.

Speaking about how Abloh’s death affected his creative process and motivation, Cudi said vogue at the time: “I could never have designed this collection without thinking about him every fucking day. Every day it was like, ‘What would Virgil do? What decision would he make and how would he manage his team? What kind of atmosphere would he have in the office? »

He added: “Because he was the ideal designer, he was the role model. He was kind, kind, open and friendly with his team members, helping others and uplifting others, giving them opportunities, leaving the door open behind him.

Take a look at the first introduction of Cudi’s Fall/Winter 2023 line below.

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