The clothes we wear do more than keep us warm. They can represent who we are, express our mood on any given day, and tell the story of humanity.

The podcast Articles of interest discovers the meaning behind the things we wear. It began as a critically acclaimed miniseries within the 99% invisible and became an independent sensation.

This week, host Avery Trufelman joins Leah-Simone Bowen to talk about her show’s new season, the unifying power of fashion and how she grew up with radio running through her veins.

We’ll also dive into some of his favorite podcasts, from shows like Natch Beauty which takes a comedic approach to exploring the world of self-care, for millennial historywhich tells the story of Romanian orphans growing up under an authoritarian regime.

Podcasts featured this week:

Featured Podcast Art
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Articles of interest: “So where does American Ivy start? The short answer: Princeton University. The long answer is a spiral that takes us from a 1940s Chinese prison camp to the raucous party culture of 1920s London, to the docks of downtown New York after The War of 1812.”

millennial history: “Joanna and Catinca were born in Romania, during the last years of Nicolai Ceausescu’s dictatorship. They present their dark plans to us: a regime that combines elements of the Hunger Games, the Handmaid’s Tale and North Korea. Complete with worship of the Great Leader, forced pregnancies, total state control and lack of everything including human touch and contact.”

99% invisible: “Even if you haven’t made the pilgrimage to Southern California, you can probably already imagine what the Walk of Fame looks like. It’s a 1.3-mile walkway lined with terrazzo and brass squares. Each tile features a salmon-pink star, and the name of another famous celebrity deemed worthy enough to become a permanent fixture in the urban fabric of Hollywood.”

Natch Beauty: “Today Jackie is having fun interviewing podcast legend Avery Trufelman. She’s here to discuss the new season of articles of interest, all about ‘American Ivy’, available now! Plus, Scooby Palettes Doo, preppy clothes, Co-Op skincare, The Budapest Baths, and why she has no Instagram.”

Imaginary advice: “Ross Sutherland takes you through six house parties.”

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