“It’s Balenciaga from Nicolas Ghesquière’s tenure,” says designer Hanh Merriman, holding a brown, black and white cardigan that has gone down in fashion history. “It was a runway piece, and I believe I’m one of the very, very few people who have this item.” Flipping through her closet, the space is full of items like this, whether it’s old Rick Owens or a pair of iconic Prada flame-embellished heels. Dress merit is a guideline, though this particular vest still manages to hold a special place in Merriman’s heart (and wardrobe).

“I’ve always dressed for myself, for my own pleasure,” says the designer of the eponymous Hanh collection. “In my 20s and 30s, my style was more edgy, experimental, more avant-garde. I wore a lot of Rick Owens, Margiela, Sacai, Comme des Garçons and Balenciaga. Today, Rick Owens persists despite having swapped some of the sharpest designers for her own creations and a collection of Balenciaga from the reign of Nicolas Ghesquière, of course.

Hanh was born in the countryside of Vietnam. One of 10 siblings, she “learned to be resilient, independent and grateful for everything I had”. There she also developed an affinity for color and a reverence for fabric. But growing up, fashion was a hobby, not a feasible career path. She went on to medical school because it matched her family’s emphasis on giving back and helping others. “It was clear that my heart wasn’t in it,” she thought to herself, “so I gave up on those studies and moved to the United States.” Specifically, she immigrated to Dallas, where she worked as a hairstylist. It was, she says, a “wonderful entry into the world of style.”

Merriman started blogging about style and travel early in her marriage, but put it all on hold to raise her family. “I was able to let my creativity run free by creating culinary delights and decorating the interior,” she says. The budding designer fully reignited that fire with the launch of her own line, HANH Collection in 2021. “This brand is the culmination of my many years as an avid observer of style.” In her designs, she injects her idea of ​​what a modern woman wants to wear with elements of her own Vietnamese heritage.

These elements are all hanging in his dressing room. Open the drawers of the island to reveal her obsession with fashion art objects. Merriman showcases a shimmering embellished dragon necklace, a custom piece from Hannah Bernard. “She is a French haute couture jewelry designer and antique dealer. The detail is exquisite, from the vibrant colors to the intricacy of the design. Like we said, when Merriman goes shopping, she stores. A bottom drawer reveals an even more spectacular find: a collection of vintage belt buckles by sculptor Christopher Ross that would look just as good in a museum. Keep reading to discover more treasures in Merriman’s Organized Closet.

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