The benefit of being so organized has saved me time, but also money, as I find it has had the effect of curbing my buying habits. Decades of working on fashion magazines means I have a lot of clothes. Spending a bit of time on a weekend really digging through my closet often unearths a forgotten piece of jewelry that feels like I have something new to wear. Rediscovering and reinventing what I already have is more enjoyable than buying even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: ‘But what if you woke up and changed your mind?’
A: That would defeat the purpose. I loved the outfit when I put it together the other day and now I can’t wait to wear it.

Q: ‘What if the weather makes the outfit inappropriate?’
A: When that happens, it’s annoying, yes, but it’s surprisingly rare.

Q: ‘Who has time to bother being so organised?’
A: Who has time not to be. It saves me an incredible amount of time in the morning. A process that would often involve searching high and low for the only top I could wear with these pants etc. could take more than half an hour. Now I get dressed in less than 60 seconds.

Q:“How long does it take you to do this?” »
A: To have a little mental checklist of things I’d like to wear, pull it out, and iron everything I need for the week, no more than an hour.

My week in outfits

Scroll down to see my favorites, but first it might be worth knowing my thought behind them…


It’s pretty standard to me. A tailored suit embellished with a shimmering knit. I love wearing sneakers for work, so whenever possible I make sure they have a nice detail to make them feel considered, rather than just the lazy option.


The bane of my husband’s life is my love for an eccentric co-ord. This one is from one of my favorite designers for the technicolor craze, Mira Mikati.


Simple and comfortable black pants from Cos with a touch of originality with front slits. The shirt is full of colorful and strange embroidery. I really like happy clothes.


On Thursdays, I film the royal show, Palace Confidential. Viewers love to comment on my outfits, so I thought these diamond encrusted jeans would get them talking.


Mix of writing and dating, I wanted to be comfortable but still smart enough. The Paul Smith bag adds something different to an otherwise calm outfit.

Here is the composition:

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