A look inside the Cayman Islands Boxing Association’s D. Dalmain Ebanks Gymnasium. Photo: Alvero Serey

Caymanian boxer Chris Hurlston decided to push his fighting career to the limit, only those who are determined would venture.

Hurlston moved away from Grand Cayman several weeks ago and is now training in England at his own expense.

“I had to feel a new environment to want to box again,” Hurlston told The Cayman Compass.

His comment comes on the heels of fellow boxer Jaden Eccleston expressing similar frustrations that forced him to take action into his own hands.

“I was a bit disappointed when I saw how easily Cayman could have won gold had I been able to attend the Caribbean Championships, but we didn’t attend due to an unfortunate twist. events with the (Cayman Islands Boxing) Association.”

In an email to Compass, CIBA President Alva Suckoo noted that the pandemic, as well as recent board changes, have created “administrative challenges” that they are working on.

He said the association was being overhauled and senior athletes were temporarily sidelined as its immediate focus was on younger boxers.

“That means less focus on competition and more on teaching skills, conditioning and developing boxing fundamentals,” Suckoo said. “We are aware that we have been criticized for not having organized tournaments… but it makes no sense to push young boxers to compete before they are ready.

“We make sure they perform well when they compete, but more importantly they don’t risk serious injury. We need to create a team that will grow and become the next generation of senior boxers. Obviously we will continue to focus on seniors, but many of them have moved on.

Maintaining links with CIBA

While Hurlston trains in the UK, he hasn’t “left” the association entirely. He said he hoped to keep his ties with CIBA intact despite the many setbacks their relationship has experienced.

Christopher Hurston.

“[I’ve] I feel refreshed here. want to box again. I will train hard and try to get some fights here.

“I’m aiming for the Caribbean Championship in December 2023 and any other tournament CIBA is willing to send me to.”

The confident West Bayer said he believed in his formation and believed he would dispatch his opponent, if his homeland gave him the chance.

“I’m sure I wouldn’t upset them if I had the opportunity to attend any tournament at my level,” he said. “I feel like I would dominate considering I’ve been training and working on my craft for so long with the help of Coach Floyd (trumpet).”

He added that without Trumpet “pushing him, motivating him and reminding him” of his goals, he would have dropped the gloves.

Suckoo added that the association is planning a local fight night in March, which will focus on promising young Caymanian boxers.

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