In the latest episode of CMB‘talk show’radio star‘, GOT7’s BamBam confessed that he boldly ditched fashion for a luxury brand.

In the new episode of ‘Radio Star’ broadcast on January 25, BamBam appeared as a special guest with KwangheeTV presenter Whang Soo Kyungand model Yeah Woo Jae. That day, BamBam revealed that he chose to appear on ‘Radio Star’ rather than attend a fashion show to Louis Vuitton.

BamBam shared: “Actually, I was supposed to go to France today. I was invited to a Louis Vuitton fashion show as a representative from Thailand. I have had a good relationship with Louis Vuitton for about two years. After inviting me to the show, I had the chance to become their brand ambassador. You never know, but I think there was a chance.”

The singer added: “But ‘Radio Star’ also called me. So I thought a lot about that. But I thought ‘Radio Star’ should take priority. So I chose ‘Radio Star’.” Host Yoo Se Yoon was impressed and commented, “We conquered Louis Vuitton.”

Model Joo Woo Jae added, “I wonder what kind of life I need to live to contemplate ‘Louis Vuitton’ and ‘Radio Star'”, make everyone laugh. He seemed flabbergasted by BamBam’s decision to choose Louis Vuitton and “Radio Star”. Joo Woo Jae shared, “I wouldn’t even hesitate. I would go directly to Paris.”

Additionally, BamBam revealed why he signed an exclusive contract with his current label and shared that his current label offered to help him promote more in Korea.

BamBam elaborated,I started doubting my promotion in the entertainment industry and even thought about retiring.” BamBam shared that he didn’t feel like he had gained much recognition in Korea, even though he debuted in Korea and other agencies were focusing on BamBam’s fame overseas. . However, his current agency Abyss Company won him over saying, “You made your debut in Korea, but isn’t it unsatisfying with your current recognition in Korea?” and promised that they would support him to promote more in South Korea.

Korean netizens initially seemed confused as to why BamBam chose to appear on “Radio Star” during the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris, but later they were grateful and proud of the singer for wanting to focus on activities. in South Korea.

Netizens commented: “I really like BamBam”, “I love how he wants to promote more in Korea, usually a lot of idols want to promote more overseas”, “I wouldn’t have considered and I would have flown for Paris right away. He’s amazing”, “I really like to see him in a lot of shows”, “He’s awesome”, “I’m really happy and thankful for how he shows so much respect to Korea”, “I like the way he has a clear goal in mind, I’m pretty sure he’ll get another fashion show invite, “I’m really grateful to him for choosing to stay and promote in Korea,” and “I hope he gets more recognition in Korea as he wishes.”

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