The Genshin Impact Paper theater event is part of Lantern Rite 3.4 and tasks you with guiding an actor through a series of dangers to advance the story. Each act has three scenes which increase in difficulty and require precise timing to ensure the game goes as planned.

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How to Start Paper Theater

The Paper Theater becomes available as soon as you complete the first phase of the Lantern Rite quest. Go to the North Docks and talk to the man near what looks like a large bulletin board. Once the intro sequence is over, choose the scene you want to start with and let the show begin.

Click or select one of the panels on the game board to pause Bravebeard’s movement, then drag it where you want it to go. Some panels will be locked and unmovable, so you’ll need to work around them.

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Genshin Paper Theater Day 1 – Homecoming

For the first scene, you just need to move the jar panel so it’s behind Bravebeard.

Scene 2

Scene 2 is a little more complicated and introduces a trap. Make sure to stop Bravebeard from touching the trap, otherwise you’ll have to start the stage over.

Once Bravebeard reaches the edge of the panel, he turns around and starts backing up. Keep the trap out of reach on the left side of the screen, and as it approaches the jar, swap the jar panel with the empty one. Bravebeard will walk into the edge, then turn around and enter the door.

Scene 3

The steps in this puzzle are relatively simple. Swap the second and third panels as soon as you can, then when Bravebeard is in the middle of the new second panel, swap it with the third.

Genshin Paper Theater Day 2 – Across the Mountain


Across the Mountain adds a new challenge: holey floors. The first scene is a gentle introduction to the mechanic. Fit the panels to the one with the gap in the floor at the top right, and you’re good to go.

Through the mountains 2

The second puzzle is more difficult and relies on precise timing. Adjust the panels so that the one with the stone on the right is in the upper right corner. Then, just as Bravebeard approaches the edge, swap it with the top left panel. He will walk straight to the treasure chest.

Through the mountains 3

The final scene of this act also requires careful timing. Adjust the panels so they are arranged as shown below. You can do this by moving the lower left panel to the upper right corner.

Bravebeard will move to the upper left panel. Just as it approaches the edge of the space, swap it with the upper right panel, then place the new upper left panel – the one with the stone on the right edge – into the lower center slot. This way Bravebeard will step into stone and turn back to the chest instead of stepping into a trap.

Genshin Paper Theater Day 3 – Above the Peaks

Over the peaks relies even more on careful timing and may take a few tries before being successful.

Above the peaks scene 1

Start by swapping the lower right panel with the upper left panel to clear the throrn trap. Wait for Bravebeard to hit the updraft, then flip the updraft panel with the bottom in the middle. Once he’s back on the ground, flip the updraft panel with the bottom right.

Bravebeard will jump onto the thornless ledge and reach the treasure.


Above the peaks scene 2

The next part adds switches that open holes in a platform, but this one is placed right above a trap. When Bravebeard hits the updraft, quickly switch the lower middle panel and upper right panel. Wait until he’s in the locked center panel and put them back so he walks on the switch. Also swap the bottom right and bottom left panels so he doesn’t fall into the trap.

Once Bravebeard is back in the lower center panel, switch to bottom left and bottom right to remove the trap again. Wait for it to hit the updraft, then switch to bottom middle and bottom left.

Rather than falling through the hole, Bravebeard will jump over it and reach the treasure.

Above the peaks scene 3

Wait for Bravebeard to hit the draft, then quickly swap that panel with the bottom right. Once it’s on the ledge, flip the bottom right panel and the middle panel again. Bravebeard will fall on the panel and open the middle section.

Before he hits the updraft again, swap the bottom center panel and the bottom left panel, so he jumps onto the top left ledge. Switch the lower middle and lower left panels again, and this time he’ll jump straight to the treasure chest.

This event is still ongoing. Check back soon to find out more!

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