Don’t bet on Fear the Walking Dead whose story will continue in a comic book series after its upcoming final season.

It was recently announced that Fear the living dead will end with its upcoming eighth season. The novella follows the spin-off’s parent series, The Walking Dead, ending its own 11-season run on AMC last year. While the franchise will live on with more spinoffs on AMC, the news is still disappointing for fans of Fear the living dead who perhaps hoped that this show would also exceed ten seasons.

If you’re one of those fans and you think the story could be expanded or reimagined with a comic book series, hope not. Robert Kirkmanwho co-created the original Walking Dead comics, raised the possibility of a Fear the living dead adaptation in the last issue of The Walking Dead Deluxe. Per, he said the odds are pretty much nil, even if not enough zero, that a comic will never happen. As the creator of the comic puts it:


“There’s not zero, but barely, a chance of that happening. It’s extremely, extremely unlikely. The closest to that is probably a whole new series of me that’s completely separate from TWD but has a subject that would please TWD Fans. It’s the best I could do at this stage.”

Fair enough. But what about picking up with the main Walking Dead comic series one day after finishing this series in 2019? Kirkman says he might “delve” into this zombie world again at some point in the future, though he also doubts he’ll work anymore. Walking Dead full-time comics never again.

“I gave 16 years of my life to this world. I might try my hand at it at some point in the future, but I doubt I’ll ever come back to do a full series. But…I would never say never.”

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Fear the Walking Dead Probably Won’t Get a Comic

Fear the living dead

It’s interesting to think about Fear the living dead become a comic. The franchise began in the comic book world before being adapted into a television series on AMC. Fear the living dead was the show’s first spin-off, this one consisting of entirely original stories and characters that didn’t come from the comics, at least before the crossover characters started arriving. The spinoff didn’t reach the ratings levels of its parent series, but was a solid performer in its own right, and eight seasons is still a respectable run for the series.

Fear the living dead will more than likely have its story wrapped up with the conclusion of Season 8. For what it’s worth, the show will unfold in a way that will bring the series full circle, with Kim Dickens’ Madison Clark returning to cast alongside Lennie. James. Morgan Jones. Let’s just hope it’s an ending that will satisfy most fans.

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