A social media influencer who says she ‘don’t like wearing a bra’ has revealed the latest alternative to underwear. The fashion enthusiast, known to her fans by the TikTok handle @mik.whitney, used her imagination because she didn’t want to be “completely free” and without support. All it took was swimsuit pads, she says.

In the video enjoyed by more than 1,500 TikTok users, she explained that she used support pads from a swimsuit to avoid ruining the design of her strappy dress with a bra.

She said: “So it wasn’t tight enough (the dress) to stick swimsuit pads on it and make it stay in place, or I didn’t trust it, but I made a tape double sided on the front of the stamp and I pressed it where I wanted it and then it stayed put.”

Even though the padding is visible when the garment is held in front of you, Mikayla said that after you put it on, you can’t tell because it looks “natural.”

TikTok fans expressed their amazement at the hack in the comments and vowed to try it the next time they wear something strappy.


To which Mikayla replied, “Good!??? This is a game changer!! You have to try it. My friend was like wait you have to post this. Why don’t we all do this?”

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