Kristie Streicher started her beauty career as soon as she could – as a makeup artist at the Clinique counter, right out of high school. From there, she was inspired to attend aesthetic school, where she learned the art of eyebrow maintenance via waxing. “They don’t teach you how to wax cleverly, so that’s what I developed on my own after getting my license,” she said.

Early in Streicher’s career, in 2001, she took a job at hair salon Warren Tricomi, where she was thrilled to discover that shaping her eyebrows could be a full-time job. Slowly but surely, she began to develop her now signature style. “I noticed that [New Yorkers] all hustled and worked hard and looked so classy…but they didn’t take great care of themselves. [They were also] wince too much, and it made them look so much older than they were. …I was like, ‘We need some sweetness here, [not these thin, dark eyebrows].”

Streicher encouraged clients to go at least three weeks between appointments and let their eyebrows grow out. Based on her large male following, women assumed her approach offered a more natural look, fueling her popularity. The approach was “unheard of” at the time, she said. This culminated in an article in New York Magazine, in 2003, in which she received the award for “best eyebrows”. It changed her life overnight: “I went from doing 5-6 eyebrows a day to 37 eyebrows a day,” she said, noting that the story attracted people from all over the world and her first clients. famous, including Julia Roberts. She then began offering her services to Vogue editors, which resulted in more media coverage. Streicher’s brow clients now include Gwyneth Paltrow, Lorde, Adele, Mandy Moore, Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson and Marisa Tomei.

Streicher is well known to beauty insiders, thanks to her “feathered eyebrow,” as well as the powerful trio she forms with her two sisters. Jenn Streicher is a celebrity makeup artist and Ashley Streicher is a celebrity hairstylist. In 2014, they came together to open Striiike, a beauty studio in Beverly Hills where guests can get their eyebrows done, their hair done and their makeup done. According to her website, a 30-minute “Feathered Brow” service with Kristie Streicher costs $275.

Now, Streicher is adding to her brow empire with the launch of KS&Co, a tight edition of three brow essentials informed by her 23-year brow-shaping career. They include a Microfeathering Brown Pen ($42), which comes in two shades, a Clear Strong Hold Brow Gel ($32), and a Clear Tinted Brow Gel. ($36), also in two shades. Streicher said two shades — a medium brown and a dark brown — are more than enough. It’s an interesting position when, for example, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Ulta-Slim Precision Brow Pencil comes in 12 shades.

KS&Co launched direct-to-consumer sales, sold through a dedicated website and at Striiike, on Wednesday. Additionally, a product will be featured in the sisters’ quarterly beauty box in January. To promote the launch, the brand is investing in Streicher’s community of influential and famous friends and customers. Many “plan to share the launch organically with their audience,” according to a KS&Co spokesperson.

Streicher has self-funded the brand and is not currently seeking any outside investment. Past partnerships with brands such as Chanel, Hourglass and Kosas, as well as her eyebrow clients, of course, helped her fund the project. And she has spent the last five years developing the products.

“[With other brands] maybe you like the formula, but you don’t like the applicator. Either it’s not clean, or the color range isn’t great,” she said. “I realized how important it was to have the right products to execute my vision and philosophy.”

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