Challenging Star Darshan has a film background, but that didn’t give him an easy path to acting. He’s had his share of trials and tribulations during his 25-year career. Despite the massive stardom he enjoys today, the actor often talks about his early days, the challenges he overcame along the way, and how he owes his success to his fans, who he calls his celebrities. .

For its celebrities, Darshan is DBoss, which they have kept on a pedestal. The actor is forever grateful for that love and has been quoted as saying that his stardom is nothing but a gift from his celebrities, where his goal has been to try and stay in the position they are in. raised with an entertaining cinema. In this endeavor, Darshan admits that he made mistakes. “I know I’ve made some bad films. They’re all projects that were made with the same passion as the others, in the hope that they would succeed at the box office. But for some reason, they didn’t wouldn’t work at that time. I can’t guarantee that every movie will be a hit – I’m only human, not a god. What I can do is keep trying and giving people which they will enjoy,” he said in an interview with an online channel promoting his upcoming release, Kranti.

Darshan added that cinema is the only field where people help you grow not only with their love but also with their money. “But they will only allow you to take advantage of this growth if you have the ability to entertain them. There are a dozen heroes in the industry, but how many of them have a successful trajectory? he asked, and went on to cite the example of father-son duo Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan, where the latter was unable to take advantage of or replicate his father’s fame.

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