Celebrities have endorsed FTX, like any advertisement for any product featuring a celebrity, because they have been paid or have a financial interest in the product.

Is anyone naive enough to think there is another reason? That they were so in love with the product that they volunteered to endorse it?

Does anyone believe that a celebrity endorsement is an assurance or guarantee that the product is good or worth buying? Especially if it might mean spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on it?

The willingness of millions of people to believe, often beyond the slightest doubt, claims made in advertisements or on social media, usually without any evidence except the word of an influencer, is a very sad statement. about the lack of critical judgment of so many people.

Instead of suing celebrity endorsers, victims should learn to evaluate claims before investing or making major life decisions.

Of course, anyone can be fooled, scammed or deceived. But there are plenty of ways to stack the odds in your favor before making those big decisions.

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