The Contemporary Theater Company is taking murder mysteries to the next level this winter with its fifth season of Whodunit? An improvised murder mystery. Audiences aren’t the only ones wondering who the murderer is – the actors don’t either!

The show runs every Saturday from February 4 to April 1 at 7 p.m. with a brand new show each time.

“Whodunit is one of my favorite projects,” says Managing Director Maggie Cady. “There’s a huge thrill watching the cast create a new mystery every night.”

Before the show starts, we just know a few basics. It is set during the French Revolution, and the actors all have names for their aristocratic characters. The only other thing the cast knows is that someone won’t survive the night.

“People find it hard to believe we didn’t plan it ahead,” Cady says, “but if you come to more than one show, you’ll see they’re all completely different. We don’t know who gets murdered until it happens!”

Every show is different and anything can happen. Anyone could be a murderer. Anyone could be murdered.

Each year the show takes place at a different time. It will be the first to take place before the 20th century.

“The most important thing for me to discover was the joy of years gone by,” says director Riley Cash. “So joyful the whole room can’t help but smile. Whether it’s a perfect joke or a beautiful mistake, they’re all worth celebrating because the joy we share from these moments is what makes us human.”

Over the past four seasons, many viewers have attended multiple shows, each time enjoying a new story and picking up one of the production’s trading cards at each performance.

“If you’re looking for more murder mysteries after Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, this one will be fun!” Cash said.

Tickets for performances and more information about the company are available online at or by calling 401-218-0282.

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