DC Comics offers fans a chance to meet some of the most iconic comic book vigilantes of all time while embarking on dark and dark adventures. Comic book fans may also encounter some of DC’s most hard-working characters with uncanny powers and complex personalities. During their adventures, readers can explore not only exciting worlds, but also challenging stories with valuable lessons attached to them.

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Many of the strongest comic book characters decided to become vigilantes at some point in their heroic or villainous careers and took matters into their own hands to serve justice without waiting for law enforcement. Thanks to DC’s iconic comic book vigilantes, fans have been treated to some of the most unforgettable and ethically ambiguous journeys of some of DC’s most popular heroes and villains.


7 Greg Saunders

Greg Saunders in Justice League Unlimited

Greg Saunders is not only the oldest vigilante in the DC Universe, but also one of the oldest comic book vigilantes of all time. He is one of DC’s most powerful characters who has no superhuman abilities and has appeared in comics since the 1940s. However, Greg has also appeared in DC animated shows and movies.

Greg is also DC’s very first vigilante. He is a skilled marksman who is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well as horseback riding. Greg also became one of the members of the Justice League, but he always preferred to bring justice to criminals on his own terms.

6 harley quinn

Harley Quinn in Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is DC’s most popular female vigilante with one of the most tumultuous and thrilling character arcs in comic book history. She started out as a sadistic supervillain who, after eventually cutting ties with her ex-lover and boss, Joker, eventually grew into a vigilante and powerful anti-heroine.

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Even though Harley had to deal with a lot and deal with her mental illness, she decided to start using her awesome abilities for good and DC fans have since seen many heroic Harley Quinn moments in the comics and on the screen. However, Harley is still not a full-fledged DC hero and continues her exciting and dangerous journey as a deadly vigilante.

5 black canary

Black Canary in Batman Urban Legends

Black Canary AKA Dinah Drake Lance is one of DC’s most powerful vigilantes and has been using her powerful canary screams and martial arts skills to fight crime and punish those who deserve it for some time now. Thanks to Black Canary’s sonic scream, she can easily disarm and defeat her enemies even without physical combat.

Black Canary has fought crime both on her own and as part of various DC groups, including the all-female vigilante group Birds of Prey and the iconic Justice League. She also has great investigative skills, knows various spy techniques, and is one of the most interesting DC superheroes who should have her own game.

4 green arrow

Green arrow in the green arrow

Green Arrow AKA Oliver Jonas Queen is one of DC’s most popular vigilantes and not afraid to use excessive force in the fight against crime. He is one of DC’s darkest superheroes and uses his unique bow and arrow and abilities to defeat criminals and even kill them if necessary.

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Green Arrow is also the leader of Team Arrow, but has been part of many other well-known DC groups, including the Justice League in the past. Although he tends to be quite cynical, he is also one of DC’s most disciplined and fair vigilantes. He has been featured in numerous DC Comics stories as well as DC animated shows and live-action DCEU movies.

3 Azrael

Azrael in Azrael

Jean-Paul Valley AKA Azrael is one of Gotham City’s most powerful vigilantes and has aided Batman on many occasions. He is one of the most violent vigilantes in comics who uses his powerful abilities to hunt down bad guys and assassinate them whenever he deems necessary.

Azrael would not only join the powerful Batman Family, but also the Justice League task force. Since Jean-Paul’s DNA was experimented on and altered during his fetal state, he gained powerful abilities including superhuman durability, strength, and speed. All of these things help him fight crime much easier.

2 Rorschach

Rorschach in Watchmen

Rorschach AKA Walter Kovacs is one of the darkest villains-turned-heroes in DC comics and is one of the most interesting characters in watchmen comics without superhuman abilities. This DC vigilante is one of the smartest and most determined anti-heroes who has become famous for his ruthlessness and violence.

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Rorschach is also one of DC Comics’ smartest vigilantes who has used his unrivaled investigative skills to fight crime alone as well as with other DC vigilantes, including Nite-Owl. He is not only a genius, but has great martial arts skills and is a fearless and brutal interrogator.

1 Batman

Batman in Eternal Batman

Batman AKA Bruce Wayne is not only one of the most iconic DC vigilantes, but also one of the most recognizable fictional vigilantes of all time and has even become one of the most popular vigilantes in gaming. The brooding and violent vigilante of Gotham City has dedicated his life to fighting crime and protecting the innocent at all costs.

Even though Batman was affiliated with many DC groups, including the Justice League, he would still fight crime on his own terms, use excessive force, and even kill his enemies without remorse. Although Batman has no superhuman abilities, he still became one of the most powerful DC superheroes of all time thanks to his high intelligence, maximum human strength, martial arts skills and deadly gadgets he had in his arsenal.

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