“No brand wanted to work with me. None of the designers, none of the brands. But it was really hard to ignore the numbers that I started putting on the table. Now I work with Amazon, I work with Netflix , and there are great designers who want to work with me. There are also music companies that have approached me. Everyone realizes that at the end of the day, it’s numbers, numbers and numbers – Uorfi Javed

You can love it, you can hate it, but you definitely can’t ignore it. From TV actor to one of the most talked about content creators on social media, Uorfi Javed is unlike any other 25-year-old. The internet sensation is a polarizing figure with fans and critics in equal measure. She doesn’t mind being trolled unlike many other content creators and influencers who find the relentless trolling too much. She says, “I go where I want to go. So it’s good for me.

While Uorfi’s long-term goals include launching her own fashion and skincare lines, her short-term goals are pretty simple. She wants to stay consistent, own up to her mistakes, keep making numbers and buy a Range Rover soon. She says she is tired of being made fun of for using taxis.

In an exclusive conversation with Storyboard18, Uorfi talks about his journey from being someone to someone brands want to work with today. From being shown doors by designers to working with Amazon and Netflix, Uorfi talks about her journey, her endorsements, cancel culture, gender bias and more.

Edited excerpts.

We know you like fashion, like to be bold, and don’t care much about trolls – but what kind of brand are you trying to create? What is Uorfi Javed’s brand?

I have a vision and I’m getting there but I’m not there yet. I want to be one of the biggest brands India has ever seen.

Once I have created this brand, I want to grow it by giving it more value. I want to create my own clothing line and my own skincare brand. I would say that my journey to build the Uorfi Javed brand has only just begun.

Tell us about your journey after Bigg Boss – the journey to a 4 million follower base on Instagram? How did you decipher the numbers game on social networks?

My journey actually started as a content creator when I came to Bombay in 2016. I was working as a TV actor but it hardly paid my bills. That’s when I saw people promoting things on Instagram and then I learned that they were getting paid for it too. So I thought it might be a good scramble.

I thought about taking it back but it didn’t go well at the time. I’ve always been into fashion and even more daring at the time. That’s what caught my attention. It was all accidental though. Then Big Boss came along and I started getting media attention. Something that was missing before. Shortly after, the paparazzi followed. It was then that I met my manager Sanjit Asgaonkar who also started taking care of my public relations. I understood why people were giving me all the attention I was getting and started working on it even more. Because it’s a numbers game. It’s all about numbers. I don’t care if you make fun of me. I don’t care what you say about me. In the end, these numbers will pay my bills

So Sanjit and I embarked on this journey of using numbers. I paired the attention with my passion for fashion and it worked wonders. My main focus right now is the numbers. Whether in terms of views, followers or money.

I had about 1 million followers before Bigg Boss. I knew what it took to grow it and I will continue to work on it.

Do you get big endorsement offers from brands? And do you have any reservations about certain categories such as alcoholic beverages, mouth fresheners, etc. ?

To be very honest six months ago, no brand wanted to work with me. None of the creators, none of the brands. But it was really hard to ignore the numbers that I started putting on the table. Now I work with Amazon, I work with Netflix, and there are great designers who want to work with me. There are also music companies that have approached me. Everyone realizes that ultimately its numbers, numbers and numbers.

Regarding reservations. I have no product categories around. I enjoy my cocktails so I have no problem approving it.

Actors who didn’t want to promote Fair And Lovely are promoting Glow And Lovely. We know the two products are no different, but we’re glad it’s now Glow And Lovely. So I don’t want to have such dubious principles.

I wouldn’t approve of anything that doesn’t match my personality, but other than that, I have no reservations.

The fashion and entertainment industry is filled with prejudice – from newcomers to discrimination based on gender and even against the unconventional. Which of these fights and prejudices have you led? How did you overcome them? And are prejudices keeping big brands at bay?

There are YouTubers who have a larger audience than some actors. But the brands will still go to the actors because they have an image to maintain.

I was called for using abuse. Brands didn’t want to work with me because my image didn’t work for their image. But brands have slowly started to realize that it’s not just Bollywood celebrities who have fame anymore. Consumers want people they can relate to. They are looking for relativity.

The conventional image of the good girl and the good boy is no longer the perfect image, because the moment one of those people with a conventional image of the good person is called out for doing something wrong, they is cancelled.

So what is the use of having this image? In the end, what matters is reliability. If I’m relatable, brands would like me. This change has started to happen and it will take some time for the prejudices to completely disappear, but it will happen for sure.

The designers wouldn’t lend me clothes because they thought I was hanging around too much. But as my popularity grew, they started to open up to me.

As for gender bias. It is present in all industries and fashion and entertainment are no different. What is vulgar for a woman is acceptable for a man. It will take time to get out of it. Things change. So I hope it will happen soon.

You said you wanted to create your own fashion brand. Do you have a timeline?

I haven’t set myself a deadline for this. I will for sure, but I don’t want to create a random brand for the sake of it. Whenever my brand goes live, it will be a sustainable fashion brand. A brand that does not harm anyone, anyone else or the environment.

Social media is constantly changing trends. Someone who is trendy today will be forgotten tomorrow. Given that you are focused on the numbers, how do you plan to maintain sustainable growth?

I don’t think anything can guarantee you sustainability. There is absolutely nothing on social media that can guarantee you that. Fame can disappear at any time. The only thing that keeps you from being forgotten is consistency. If you fail at any point trying something new, don’t stop. Still have to continue. Consistency is the key to staying trendy, in conversations and in business.

Do you agree with the saying “all publicity is good publicity”?

I am Uorfi Javed so my answer is yes. I am proof of the saying. If I say no, I will be trolled for saying that. I go where I want to go. So all this publicity makes me feel good.

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