The comics page returned to The Washington County (Wis.) Daily News and The Waukesha Freeman.

Some time ago a reader described to me what she thought of the comic book page we once had in the newspaper. She saw it as the “fun page” – a daily destination to find lighter content. It was a contrasting place to the more serious news. It was a page where she regularly found articles that made her smile…

So that’s what we did. We brought back the fun page.

At some point in the recent or distant past, The Washington County (Wis.) Daily News discontinued most of its comic books.

(From the looks of their graphic, it might have been during the 1960s Batman TV show. Anyway…)

Now the fun pages are back!

Publisher and editor Bill Yorth brings the good news.

DAILY COMIC PAGE: In today’s paper, you’ll actually find two pages of comics (pages 4B and 5B). Because we don’t post on Mondays, the front page will include comics and puzzles that would have been scheduled for Monday. The second page will include Tuesday’s content. Each Tuesday paper will have two comic pages.

As far as comics go, we brought back Luan, Sally out, Before Christ, The Duplex and For the best or for the worst. We also added Charlie Brown and his friends in the classic peanuts Comic.

speed bump and real life adventures – two cartoons that still appeared in the newspaper – will move to the comics page and will be joined by Weird and It does not follow in a sort of Rogues’ Gallery of avant-garde single-panel comics.

SATURDAY COLOR COMICS: You will find two comic pages on Saturday. In addition to the daily comics page, the Saturday newspaper will also include the full-color weekend comics page.

The Weekend Comics color will include Frank and Ernest, Marmaduke, Heathcliff, The Lockhorns and Ziggy. You will also find the color weekend Dilbert cartoon (Dilbert also airs daily on the Business page) and once again Charlie Brown and friends will appear in the Classic Peanuts color weekend comic.

That’s seven Sunday comics on a single color page, which isn’t unusual these days.

Instead of a union, they got tapes and panels from Andrews McMeel, Creators and King Features.

And they buck the trend in another surprising way:

The comics will no longer appear on our website now that they are back in the newspaper.

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