dynamite has big plans in March for Barsoom. Writer chuck brown (bitter root) returns to tell an untold chapter of the Princess of Mars in Dejah Thoris #1 The story takes place before the events of the first classic novel of Edgar Rice Burroughs and will feature the art of Emiliana Pinna (Sonja Red). Colorist Ellie Wright and letter Jeff Eckleberry complete the creative team.

Brown chatted with The Beat about the upcoming comic book series.

Deanna Destito: Why did you want to tell the story of a young Dejah?

Chuck Brown: I wanted to tell the story of a younger Dejah because it provides an opportunity to explore her backstory and her development as a character. It also allows us to delve into the rich culture and history of planet Barsoom.

Dejah Thoris

Destito: What attracted you to this character and this universe?

Brown: What drew me to this character and this universe was Dejah Thoris’ strong, independent, and intelligent portrayal, as well as Barsoom’s unique and imaginative setting. The combination of sci-fi and fantasy elements also provides plenty of creative possibilities.

Destito: How did it go with this creative team?

Brown: Working with this creative team was a great experience. We are all fans of Barsoom’s original stories and are committed to staying true to the source material while bringing fresh and exciting new elements to the series.

Dejah Thoris

Destito: What should Barsoom fans expect?

Brown: Barsoom fans can expect to experience the world through the eyes of a young Dejah Thoris, as well as encounter new characters and creatures that add depth and complexity to the universe.

Dejah Thoris

Destito: Teasers for Upcoming Characters, Storylines, and More ?

Brown: I can’t go into too many details, but readers can expect to see the introduction of new cultures and factions to Barsoom, as well as new forms of technology and weaponry. There will also be some surprising twists and character developments that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Overall, I think readers will be pleasantly surprised.

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