As fast as Paris Fashion Week arrives, she is gone and comes out in the blink of an eye: Pfff!

Seven days in the French capital can seem a bit of a blur (believe me), and with so many events, parties and, of course, shows there are, there’s often a tendency to roll it all into a fragmented memory.

It’s for this reason that we find it helpful to look back and remember some of the most memorable moments of the week and, for this particular piece, take a closer look at some of the best shoes featured.

Footwear now plays a bigger role than ever in major global fashion weeks. Whether it’s the reveal of upcoming collaborations, an innovative new way to create sneakers, or an absolutely wild shoe, footwear always commands attention.

This season’s PFW was no different and like clockwork, the editors at Highsnobiety in turn picked their favorite styles over the seven days to not only refresh your memories, but also to light up ICYMI.

Yohji Yamamoto x Guidi

“My favorite shoe from Paris Fashion Week is actually not very exciting unless you know the history of the brands involved. The fact that Yohji Yamamoto and Guidi have never met before is pretty crazy, well that the results are funky enough to justify the wait.Portable, bizarre, and totally unexpected.—Jake Silvert, Editor-in-Chief

Junya Watanabe x Oakley

“I’m someone who doesn’t like to waste time. In fact, I hate it. So if Junya Watanabe’s Oakley slip-on shoes can save me from tying my shoelaces and, in turn, improve my overall day-to-day efficiency, then you better believe I’ll do it all!” — Tayler Willson, Style Editor

BOOT x Reebok

“3D printed sneakers: I think that’s a pretty cool concept. Whenever technology and fashion meet, I always find it fascinating. I like Alien vs Predator the vibe that these sneakers possess. My favorites are the matte “Charcoal Greys”, very badass and smooth. I can think of a myriad of ways to style them. They were cool on the track and could be even cooler IRL. BOTTER crushes it with new sneaker collaborations, first adidas and now Reebok, who’s next? —Munashe Ashlyn, Instagram Editor


“Half ballet flats, half UGG boots, these LOEWE sneakers look like a hug for your feet.” — Alex Pauly, style editor

marine greenhouse

“These navy boxing-inspired sneakers are an instant favorite for me. The athletic influence works perfectly with the collection, and I can’t wait to see them hit shelves later this year and breathe new life into our sneaker rotations” – Tora Northman, Head of TikTok

AURALEE x New Balance

“The stage is set for the 1906 to become New Balance’s hottest style, and AURALEE is adding fuel to the fire with this pair. The Japanese label have proven themselves masters of colorways with their previous NB collaborations and this might be their cleanest concoction yet.—Tom Barker, Style Editor

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