In the age of social media, you pretty much have to avoid the internet if you want to dodge spoilers for a show or movie you were hoping to watch. However, the spoilers before #spoilers were created were more intentional; you had to flip through the end of a book to see if your favorite character made it out alive or fast-forward a movie to see the final battle. Unfortunately for theater camp‘s Ben Platt, he had no choice but to discover the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Directed by and co-starred Molly Gordon and Nick Lieberman, theater camp follows “crypto bro” Troy (Jimmy Tatro) as he tries to save a theater camp from financial ruin. In the video above, stars Gordon, Lieberman, Platt, Noah Galvin, Tatro, Owen Thiele and Patti Harrison talk about growing up as theater kids and enduring late summer pranks like spoiling the book the most popular children’s book when it was released. Sign up for fun camp activities such as:

➽ Become the uncle of the crew

➽ Creation of an original musical for the film

➽ Harry Potter spoiler in 2023

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