Topl’s traceable journey empowers consumers to understand sustainable apparel sourcing and manufacturing with immutable data and verifiable images at every step of the product journey

AUSTIN, TX, January 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Highthe blockchain protocol designed to drive sustainable and inclusive growth, today announced a collaboration with Beatrice Baylissthe led woman, Londonclothing brand that makes sustainable and ethical clothing accessible. The engagement with Topl will allow Beatrice Bayliss to demonstrate to customers, through a scannable label on garments or online via a linkhow, where and when raw materials were purchased and highlight transparency and traceability within the brand’s supply chain.

Combining immutable sourcing data and photographic documentation of every stage of Beatrice Bayliss’ apparel sourcing, labor practices and manufacturing process, Topl’s Traceable Journey will connect the fashion brand’s sustainability story to consumers. in search of responsible practices in the fashion industry. As sustainability begins to dominate consumer priorities and the fashion agenda, Topl is building consumer trust at Beatrice Bayliss, providing access to material provenance data to prove their ethical origin.

“From the start of Beatrice Bayliss, I was looking for a company that could help us map out the supply chain to highlight for our customers just how durable and impactful our products truly are. Topl is a perfect fit, allowing us to ‘use our verifiable data and images to show consumers dynamic visual stories of the products they love’, explained Emily Jane Bayliss, Founder and CEO of Beatrice Bayliss. “Customers shouldn’t have to research whether a brand is truly sustainable; they should be provided with the information in a simple and distinct way to make their own informed brand decision.”

Since the company began displaying and selling its wares in 2020, Beatrice Bayliss has received feedback from customers requesting access to information proving transparent and sustainable sourcing for their products – where the fabric came from, where and how it was made. Beatrice Bayliss began implementing Topl’s solution on her website and on her pop-up store product tags, setting a new standard for sustainable business practices.

“Beatrice Bayliss’ mission to disrupt the fashion industry with products that have a lasting impact aligns directly with the clients we plan to work with when launching Topl,” said Erin Murphy, Chief Growth Officer, Topl. “Our technology provides Beatrice Bayliss customers with easy-to-access and highly visual transparency for the company’s supply chain, whether tracking the origin of its sustainable cotton or showing customers where the materials come from. Together with Beatrice Bayliss, we can build consumer trust in brands that are committed to reducing their impact on the planet.”

In The state of fashion 2022, two in five fashion executives surveyed by McKinsey planned to adopt some method of demonstrating sustainable fashion traceability, including product passports. While blockchain is uncharted territory for many brands like Beatrice Bayliss, Topl makes it easy for companies to deliver lasting impact stories at the point of purchase via a scannable label, containing verifiable data and visuals, all while directly on a decentralized ledger. SS23, the new ethical collection of women-led clothing brand Beatrice Bayliss launches on January 30.

About Top
Founded in 2017, High is an L0 blockchain protocol built from the ground up to power the next wave of economic transformation. Its goal is to create markets and systems that ensure that the most impactful behaviors are also the most profitable. Topl’s technology has been used to track and verify conflict-free diamonds and fair trade coffee and chocolates, issue and secure nature-based carbon credits, and provide verifiable reporting for corporate ESG initiatives.

About Beatrice Bayliss
Beatrice Bayliss a sustainable, ethical and women-led clothing brand, making sustainable and ethical fashion accessible to everyone. In 2020, Emily-Jane Bayliss founded Beatrice Bayliss in London with the vision that sustainable clothing should be about your purpose and beliefs, not your status. BB’s aim is to disrupt the fashion industry with their carefully crafted, UK-made clothing.



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