Senior BCCI officers at the press conference (Photo PTI)

Senior BCCI officers at the press conference (Photo PTI)

So far, the board is done with the sale of media rights and participating teams. Next step includes player auction, match announcement and venues finalization

On January 25, 2023, another milestone was reached in the setup of Indian women’s cricket after the BCCI announced the five franchises in the Women’s Premier League. The Indian cricket board got rich by earning Rs 4669.99 crore from the sale of five teams, with Adani Sportsline shelling out a whopping Rs 1289 crore for the Ahmedabad team, which became the most expensive franchise.

IPL team owners Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Capitals have made successful bids of Rs 912.99 crore, Rs 901 crore and Rs 810 crore, respectively, to enter the WPL. Capri Global Holdings has secured the Lucknow franchise for Rs 757 crore.

So far, the board is done with the sale of media rights and participating teams. The next step includes auctioning players, announcing the match and finalizing venues.

After making the groundbreaking announcement, senior BCCI brass spoke to the media where they were asked about the WPL fixture.

Reacting to the question, IPL Board Arun Singh Dhumal said, “Regarding the first season, we are still having discussions. We need to finalize the schedule first and we’ll see what makes the most sense. The Women’s World Cup continues and we don’t have a big window between the end of it and the start of the Men’s IPL. So whatever window is available, we will analyze the logistical challenges and then take a call to find out if it will be a multi-city league or a single city.

It was also stated that a total of 22 games will be played in the inaugural season. However, the final device has not yet been deployed.

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah, who was also present at the presser, spoke about the squad compositions in the tournament. As in the men’s IPL, a maximum of four foreign players are allowed per team. But the number would be five in the WPL.

“As for the break, five foreign players are allowed in the XI; four on full members and one on associates,” Shah told reporters.

When asked why a player of associated member teams, Shah said, “Because the way Thai and Malaysian cricketers play, we just have to cheer them on.”

Last year, BCCI announced pay parity in its ecosystem, which means men and women of cricket will earn an equal amount of match fees across all formats. Shah felt that the equal pay decision has changed the mindset of parents who are never in favor of sending their daughters to women’s cricket.

“It is a time when female empowerment is prevalent so people are very willing to invest in women’s cricket. Also, before pay parity, female players were earning 30-40 lakhs a year, but now they are earning 3 crores a year,” Shah said.

“Previously, their parents were also reluctant to send their daughters to cricket and were worried about their future. But after pay parity, that way of thinking also changed,” he added.

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