It’s been several years since violinist Ricardo Ochoa took to the stage and truly engaged with audiences. Ochoa made a name for himself performing with the Savannah Philharmonic and with his popular and in-demand gypsy jazz band Velvet Caravan, but with the caravan on indefinite hiatus, Ochoa formed a new outlet for his creativity.

Acoustic Office is an instrumental ensemble that “combines eclectic musical styles with thunderous virtuosity” and they make their Tybee Post Theater debut on Saturday.

“Now with this group, I feel like I have a purpose,” Ochoa said. “I take a bit more of an artistic license here personally. I have always worked well with others and the way Velvet Caravan has grown, it has grown organically. What’s happening now is that I have this desire to perform on stage again and interact with the audience, and bring musical ideas and concepts to the audience, but I want to do that from a different way.

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