An important character from the second season of Young Justice, Green Beetle, just made his comic book debut in Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #3.

Warning: SPOILERS for Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #3A major character in season 2 of young justice just made their DC Comics debut as blue beetle enemy: the green beetle. Although the two iterations of the character have significant differences, Green Beetle caused a stir with his debut – and plenty of trouble for Jaime Reyes.

Green Beetle appears quite violently in Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #3 by Josh Trujillo, Adrian Gutierrez, Wil Quintana and Lucas Gattoni. Blue Beetle and his mentor, Starfire, are spending time together in Palmera City when a new green-colored Beetle appears from the sky and attacks Jaime.

Green beetle dominating Blue Beetle and Starfire

It almost immediately becomes clear that this Green Beetle – who wears armor similar to Jaime’s Blue Beetle armor – has shapeshifting powers, especially when he grows to the size of a building, towering over Blue Beetle and Starfire. More than that, the powers and armor are instantly recognizable to young justice viewers, especially the animated show’s second season, which highlights its very own Green Beetle.

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Blue Beetle’s green beetle is different from Young Justice’s

Blue Beetle chased by Green Beetle

The young justice Green Beetle makes his first appearance in the show’s second season, which primarily focuses on Reach’s invasion of Earth. The Reach is also central to Jaime Reyes’ time as the Blue Beetle in the DC Central Universe: an all-encompassing empirical force, they often use beetles – like Jaime’s, which allows him to use the Blue Beetle armor and its weapons – to control and conquer a mob. In young justicethe Green Beetle is a Reach-controlled Martian who enhances his Reach armor with his natural shapeshifting abilities.

The green beetle featured in this issue of Blue Beetle: Graduation Day, however, appears to be an emissary of a revolutionary anti-Reach group called the Horizon. Although readers don’t know much else about this Green Beetle just yet, it’s already clear that they’re out to take Jaime down at any cost, especially since they think the Blue Beetle is still in line. with the Reach. It’s always fun to see new DC TV characters make their way into the comics, like beloved Harley Quinn, and Green Beetle is no different. They’re a compelling adversary for Blue Beetle, and the changes to their origin for this story provide an interesting conflict for Jaime: how does he communicate, while wearing the Reach armor, that he’s also an enemy of the Reach? ?

Readers will likely get answers to this question – and more – in the latter half of blue beetle: Graduation Day. While the young justice The TV show remains in limbo at HBO Max, so it’s exciting to see more of its innovative stories and characters making their way into the comic book proper. I hope this isn’t the last time fans will see green beetle.

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Check Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #3, available now from DC Comics!

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