My brother applied for a visitor’s visa (600) and was rejected. He is currently unemployed and even though we showed the equivalent of approximately 20,000 AUD in bank funds in India, they rejected the application stating that there are no strong economic incentives to return to India at the end of the stay. Fair enough. Now I am wondering how to reapply and what can I do to improve my case. I’m watching the sponsored stream, but even that has a “enough money to support yourself while you’re in Australia” requirement. I thought the sponsored stream was for people who can’t support themselves financially as we might be required to post a bond etc. If the sponsored feed has this requirement, what are the other options to increase the chances of getting a visit visa for my brother?

Another thing I was thinking about is that we can transfer more funds to his bank account, but I wonder since they already have a previous application and his financial records, won’t they consider their new fund increases?

Any advice is appreciated.

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