A perfect nose doesn’t really exist, says New York facial plastic surgeon Edward S. Kwak, MD, because each one is unique to its owner. “The most beautiful noses aren’t perfectly formed,” he says. “The best nose is the one that fits your face and creates harmony with your facial features.”

Although every nose can be different, there are common characteristics that define distinct nose types. We can look at the variety of nose shapes on famous faces to see that a button nose wouldn’t suit everyone, and sometimes the smoothest nose isn’t the smallest or straightest. “There are a lot of beautiful faces, and most celebrities and models have beautiful faces despite the imperfections in their noses,” says Salt Lake City, UT facial plastic surgeon P. Daniel Ward, MD. “Remember that blemishes and asymmetries are part of a normal face.” Here, we break down 10 of the most common types of noses and the specific elements that make them up.

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Snub or Celestial Nose

This nose is small with a slight bend in the bridge and an upturned tip. The celestial nose (also known as upturned or snub) can be seen on stars like Emma Stone, Carrie Mulligan and Florence Pugh.

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Snub nose

Elizabeth Taylor is a great example of the snub nose shape which has similar characteristics to the heavenly/snub nose – it’s also small and slender – but with a rounder, softer tip.


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roman nose

A Roman nose, sometimes called an aquiline nose, is slightly curved with a prominent bridge. Gisele Bundchen and Meryl Streep are two great examples of how a strong, powerful nose can enhance someone’s unique features and beauty.

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hawk nose

Long, narrow and with a bridge that turns downwards, the shape of the falcon is said to resemble the beak of a hawk. Fashion icon Diana Vreeland and the owner of one of the most famous noses of all time, Barbara Streisand, have both been described as having this distinguished nose shape.

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Greek nose

A fitting representative of her heritage and background, Jennifer Aniston has said in the past that she’s blessed with a “Greek nose.” In 2018, she shared that she underwent rhinoplasty to fix a deviated septum, but preserved the aesthetics of her nose. This type has a long, straight shape from the bridge to the tip.

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button nose

A button nose is small, has a rounded nasal tip, and can be angled slightly up or down, making it appear rounder like a button. It is often described as the most sought after shape and can be seen on celebrities like Jenna Ortega, SZA, Kelly Rowland and Scarlett Johansson.

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bulbous nose

A bulbous nose has an enlarged tip that is more rounded at the bottom. Rumors have it that Chelsea Clinton, Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz have honed their noses for a finer tip.

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nubian nose

Zendaya, Beyonce, and Oprah all have noses that match the Nubian nose type which is distinguished by a flatter, wider base with a slight downward curve.


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East Asian Nose

Awkwafina and Lucy Liu are good examples of an East Asian nose type that is narrow with a wider shape and shorter tip. It is one of the most common nose shapes among people of East Asian descent.


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Nose “Mirren”

Leave it to Dame Helen Mirren to have a nose shape named after her. Similar to the snub, this type of nose has a long, thin aesthetic with a straight bridge and a pointed tip.

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